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Homeopathy: United Kingdom National Health Service NHS Believes in Choices for Medical Hospital Care. Vote!

Updated on October 30, 2014

Historical Notes From Sue Young

HISTORY | The first Glasgow Homeopathic Dispensary opened in 1849, and the second Glasgow Homeopathic Dispensary opened 10.3.1909.

The Homeopathic Houldsworth Hospital opened in 1914, and incorporated with the Glasgow Children’s Homeopathic Hospital in 1944, and both hospitals were renamed together as the Glasgow Homeopathic hospital in 1948


Support NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde with your vote

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Change.Org Petition | NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde: Save the Glasgow Homoeopathic Hospital

  • Herald Scotland | NEARLY 1000 health service jobs are being axed this year, including 482 nurses and midwives – with more than half of the overall job losses at Scotland's biggest health board.

    NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde (NHSGGC) is making some of the deepest cuts, shedding almost 600 posts, more than half of which are nursing staff.

    Unions warned staffing projections by NHS Scotland for the coming financial year showed the service continued to be under-funded and said it must be realistic about how many nurses are needed to deliver targets and maintain high standards of patient care.


Calling For An Open Society

In an interview with Professor Paul Komesaroff, the director of the Monash Centre for Ethics in Medicine and Society, we learn that specific self interest groups may have strong sway and influence over CAM admittance into mainstream medicine. [Medical Journal of Australia]

Put in a nutshell, the idea that a few can control the many, opposes the natural democratic underpinnings of a free society. While we accept that health care should be based upon scientific evidence; we do not agree to exclude all other forms of medicine because they don't have the funding to prove through research and development ancient cultural norms and approaches to healing.

In the same light, claims of double-blind research science often times has been politicized, criminalized and socialized to the point of fraud in the name of science. All science begins with 'premise' and accepting assumptions whereas not everyone will agree with these particularly proposed philosophies. We ask that those controlling the medical systems broaden their visions to include many forms of medicine, even when they may not agree with their origins and basic philosophies.

As a result of 'openness' in medicine, we will see a rise in better health for more people in a diverse world and tolerant medical system and society.

To quote Dr Komesaroff, "The universities are under extreme stress at the moment, they're chronically under-funded and there's very vigorous competition for funds and educational and research resources. I think this has inevitably corrupted certain aspects of the ambience or the atmosphere of the university and it's pitted people against each other in the competition for funds. "

National Health Service Serves the People

UK National Health Service [NHS] has taken a turn after a lot of controversy in the media. Actually, the disagreements and arguments continue, however, it appears that NHS has made a stand. They are listening to the voice of the people.

When they see their population choosing to pay out of pocket for alternative remedies and treatments, they realize they must go with the flow. They must follow the lead and provide the kind and quality of care that people intuitively and instinctively know is right for them.

A recent development is the integration and outreach of more homeopathy, not less.

  • "Homeopathy is to be available on the NHS in Bath after a hospital set up an outreach clinic in the city."

It appears to be a surprising development that hospitals are welcoming innovative approaches to patient care. They are realizing that we are more than skin and blood. We have other types of needs and have a vital force that requires care from other sources besides surgery and medications. It is interesting that it is not simply support groups and counseling that is being offered. As many say it is the placebo effect of the long interview process that creates the healing. I think the administrators are getting smart by integrating these holistic modalities into patient care for both monetary reasons and better healthcare.

  • "The clinic at a doctors' surgery in London Road will accept referrals from GPs from all over the south west."

This implies that General Practitioners will promote and support every patients' right to receive this extra quality of care. I wonder what criteria the physician will use to provide these extra services?

  • "It will involve staff from the Bristol Homeopathic Hospital - which is one of only five in the country to offer homeopathic treatments."

Even during this economic downturn when UK was required to cut the budgets of all hospitals and in turn had to close a homeopathic hospital, homeopathy has always been part of the medical system.

  • "The clinic at the Grosvenor Surgery will offer treatments for complex conditions including rheumatology, allergies, asthma, eczema, anxiety and depression, digestive and bowel problems, as well as cancer care support."

This opportunity for homeopathy to shine and show the world what benefits can be provided for difficult chronic conditions are outstanding.

  • "The subject of homeopathy has been clouded in a degree of controversy, with some scientists arguing that such treatments have an effect that can be compared to that of a placebo, and referrals to the Bristol hospital fell by 20 per cent last year."

With this new development referrals will pick up. Due to the many controversies and major media supporting the outspoken skeptic viewpoints I feel that many turned away from homeopathy out of fear.

  • "But a year-long pilot study carried out in Northern Ireland has concluded that an integrated approach where complementary medicine was used alongside conventional techniques could offer significant health improvements."

It is encouraging to see CEO's who decide where to take the medical system is objectively viewing these pilot studies and applying them in the real world. Thus, they will be able to evaluate the outcome in the near future.

  • "Dr Elizabeth Thompson, consultant homeopathic physician at the Bristol hospital, said: "The evidence from this study will support colleagues in offering patients the choice of high quality homeopathic care on the NHS."

Yes. I do agree. Finally, when you provide the opportunity to show evidence through clinical means then a rightful judgment can be made. Over the years there has been little funds given for research and development of homeopathic remedies and application.

  • "This new outreach clinic will mean that patients from the local community will be able to access a wide range of treatments nearer to their homes."

This sounds like there will be review and feedback from patients about the quality of care and their overall journey back to health. Frequent accessments can help decide the best direction with evidence based criteria.

  • Dr Claire Stanford, the speciality doctor who is conducting the clinic, added: "Patients are very appreciative of the integrated approach to care, combining the best of conventional and homeopathic medicine. In very many instances it has not only brought enormous relief but has also allowed them to enjoy life to the full."


Bristol Homeopathic Hospital

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Bristol Homeopathic Teaching Hospital Logo

Homeopathy Has Always Been Part of NHS

  • "The Bristol hospital was built in 1921 and offers homeopathic remedies on the NHS for more than 50 medical conditions from cancer and arthritis to depression and irritable bowel syndrome."

A fine historical record. I would like to learn more. The new outreach program will extend the benefits of this tried and true method. In India homeopathy is well-known to cover all diseases. There are homeopathic hospitals scattered around the country and is part of the government system of healthcare.

  • "A recent study by the Bristol hospital reported that 70 per cent of patients said their chronic conditions had improved since seeking treatment there."

This is an incredibly high rate of improvement. Homeopathy is a system of healing based on the theory of treating "like with like" using diluted natural remedies that, if used in a healthy person, would create similar symptoms to the condition being treated.

NHS homeopathic treatment provides for patients to choose homeopathy. In fact, homeopathy has always been a part of the NHS. There are four NHS homeopathic hospitals: Bristol, Glasgow, Liverpool and London. There are also a number of NHS homeopathic clinics around the country and over 400 GPs use homeopathy in their everyday practice.

It is the UK General Practitioner's obligation to refer a patient after s/he has made a request for other NHS services including homeopathic hospitals, clinics and private practitioners.


Aneurin Bevan [ 1897–1960] known as Nye Bevan

More Evidence Homeopathic Care Can Be Integrated With Traditional Medicine

An Article in EMAXHEALTH: Homeopathic Medicine Can Coexist With Conventional Cancer Treatment Submitted by Ruzik_tuzik on Apr 17th, 2009

Ruzik writes about the ongoing concern about the financial investment involved by providing these extra services to UK patients. If you haven't already heard, there is a vocal and persistent barrage of media blasts from a few doctors and so-called scientists who claim that all integrative approaches to healing are pseudoscience and cannot be proven with clinical double blind studies.

They are out of touch with reality, because everyone knows that humans are more than robots or machines. We all have spirit, emotions, history and environment which effect our mood, stress level and thus our physical well-being.

To say that dance therapy, equine therapy, a relaxing therapeutic lymph massage, hydrotherapy, aromatherapy and a long list of others including homeopathy are bogus tells us they are out of touch with themselves and have no right demanding or asking others to stop their helpful treatments. We know that pain can be reduced just by the power of the mind.

It is so encouraging that the BHA stands along with the NHS and supports the rights of individuals to trust their own observations of their bodies and minds in response to treatment.

  • The British Homeopathic Association [BHA] strongly refutes any claims that there are no grounds or evidence to support homeopathy. Visit their website to research positive clinical evidence.

POSITIVE RESULTS: BHA has reviewed 119 randomised peer-reviewed clinical trials (RCTs) of homeopathy to the end of 2005 that shows 49% positive results for homeopathy. Only 3% were negative. The remaining 48% were inconclusive, which does not mean negative " it means that we need more research. However, homeopathic medicines aren't dangerous and can't be patented (they have been in use for over 200 years) so there are none of the financial incentives for research funding that we see with conventional medicines. It is also notoriously difficult to design meaningful clinical trials to test a system of medicine that depends so strongly on the selection of the most appropriate medicine for the individual.

It is important to note that financial investment in alternatives and homeopathy actually reduce the cost of care, especially when the use of medication drops and requires less visitations to the hospital.

THE HISTORY OF BRISTOL HOSPITAL: Homeopathic hospitals became part of the NHS in 1948. Aneurin Bevan, the minister of health who formed the NHS, made a commitment that "homeopathic institutions will be enabled to provide their own form of treatment and that the continuity of the characteristics of those institutions will be maintained".

Service evaluation studies from thousands of patients consistently concluded that over 70% of patients report improvement to their health following treatment at the hospitals. The majority of patients have tried conventional medicine first, without success, and often have multiple chronic illnesses that are almost impossible for conventional medicine to treat but which respond well to the whole person approach of homeopathy.

It is a well-known fundamental principle that people do not continue to purchase a service or product that does not work or is of shoddy quality. The consistent growth in recent years toward homeopathy is a demonstration of its benefit to the people.

Ruzik has the proper perspective that we must continue the research into homeopathy in order to make a proper accessment about its validity. Let's move forward at this crucial time in history with our eyes open. With pure hearts we must be ready for any possibility, even if sometimes things on the outside do not seem plausible. We are explorers on this earth searching out new frontiers and learning that the impossible may be possible.


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    • Debby Bruck profile imageAUTHOR

      Debby Bruck 

      5 years ago

      Dear HealthExplorer - I think you are right. Health care advocates are divided. Be well, Debby

    • arakkathara profile image


      8 years ago from kottapuram,kodungallur

      a comparison with homeopathic treatment and alopothic treatmen:- homeopothic treatment is like the tree(dicese) cut from the roots. but alopothic treatment is like the tree(disces cut the branches after a period the tree will grow more branches and become a gaint one. any way i am belive in naturopathy. urino therapy is the real remady for mouth cancer. more details please contact

    • Debby Bruck profile imageAUTHOR

      Debby Bruck 

      9 years ago

      Hi Desiderata ~ I appreciate your thoughts in this matter. The problem with the medical systems today in many areas of the world is the limitations being placed upon those who are ill and the service providers. We need to open up and expand our horizons to assist energy workers to help heal individuals who seek counseling other than using drugs. This thinking goes along with finding a quick fix, continuing with poor lifestyle and taking a pill to control one organ system or another to regular levels of hormones, cholesterol and the like.

      Homeopaths consider the entire spectrum of life including nutrition, relaxation, relationships, career, goals, community and even spirit.

      Unfortunately, the majority of physicians are not able to go to many of those places either due to legalities, not having the training and time limitations. I'm not saying this is true for all doctors, many are now expanding their thinking on these matters. We are more than skin and bones, we have feelings and a soul.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      There is so much evidence in support of homeopathy it is is a scandal that it is not more widely available on the NHS. What about those for whom pharmaceutical medicine causes intolerable side-effects? Or where pharmaceutical treatment has been unsuccessful? What about all the people for whom the doctors have no cures? Shouldn't they all have access to homeopathy, if a homeopath thinks it will help? My sister would have died of her asthma were it not for the fantastic doctors at the London Homeopathic Hospital and their little white pills!


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