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Homeopathy and The Memory of Water with Benveniste Defies BBC Randi

Updated on January 27, 2016

Water As A Data Medium

To what extent is water capable of picking up information

What does it perceive and how does it remember it over time?

The Institute of Aerospace Thermodynamics in Stuttgart has developed a way to make the structure of a drop of water visible providing insights into a beautiful world. Each individual drop can be seen as different from one another. You can see the results below in the movie below.

The water carries information down stream and into the ocean. As we drink this water we have this information within us. Just as we breath the same air that connects us, and in the same way the earth's water also connects us as human's.

The Guardian | Lionel Milgrom has written an article about the Science of Homeopathy and how minds are changing. Including with the recent generation of skeptics, Professor Madeleine Ennis of Queen's University Belfast could hardly believe that homeopathy could have any action on the body's healing response. Yet, all that is changing, along with many other scientific minds. How could a medicine, "that is only water" have a therapeutic effect explained by conventional biochemistry and pharmacology?

Droplets of Water Can Be Examined Using These Techniques
The Aerospace of Thermodynamics Institute at Stuttgart has considerable experience in experimental as well as in theoretical and numerical methods. Research topics of the institute are: heat transfer, aerothermodynamics, droplet dynamics, hypersonic combustion and shock tube research. The institute is equipped with different air supply systems, where one is a high temperature facility.


Ananda More Searches For Answers

Ananda More, documentary film producer, went on a world search exploring her personal questions regarding the memory of water. Debby Bruck interviews Ananda on the Health Inn Live Stream video show October 7, 2013

The Memory of Water Investigated by Benveniste

Luc Montagneir Stuns Colleagues

The Australian A NOBEL laureate who discovered the link between HIV and AIDS has suggested there could be a firm scientific foundation for homeopathy.

French virologist Luc Montagnier presents information for detecting viral infections that closely resembles the principles of homeopathy.

At a time when Homeopathy is being lambasted by the scientific and medical community most aggressively in the UK, this news comes as a surprise to neigh sayers.

Montagnier reports that solutions containing the DNA of pathogenic bacteria and viruses, including HIV, "could emit low frequency radio waves" that induced surrounding water molecules to become arranged into "nanostructures". These water molecules, he said, could also emit radio waves.

The Memory Of Water Is Real

Video Part One

This story is old news to many people, but not to everyone. I am bringing it up because it does not fade. It only builds. More evidence and researchers are coming to conclude that there is something special to water. Plain water. It has remained a mystery. Many properties define the laws of nature for all other substances. Spiritually, it is used for many rituals. It is a vital part of keeping us alive.

The video shows the astonishment of Dr Benveniste when the experiment was conducted. The hypothesis that water diluted to such a degree would show no response or effects. However, there could be no other explanation. From this point we must continue investigation and get a better understanding.

When the skeptic Randi comes on to the scene to make a mockery of this news, he does not adhere to the rules of objectivity and the scientific method. There are no checks and balances and carries on with an attitude of mockery, superiority, and chicanery as is his magician's style.


For 14 years Benveniste investigated into allergies. He thought it was a joke when a colleague suggested homeopathy had any effects. It was going too far, for a rationalistic person who was classically trained medical physician.

This film says homeopathy is widely used in France, but that few doctors prescribed it. They say it is irrational to believe that the more diluted a substance the more effective it could be. Homeopathic remedies also are repeatedly diluted and shaken/succussed.

The moderator asks, "Why did Benveniste think it worth investigate?"

Perhaps because a true investigative unbiased scientist questions what he does not understand and then pursues the answer.

A colleague, who was homeopathic doctor, said to try diluting the reagents used in their lab tests and see themselves if there can be a reaction. That was in 1982 or 1983. Benveniste said there was nothing there after all the dilution. However, initial tests said it was something. He couldn't believe

He wanted to be sure and had his assistant Elizabeth retest.

Homeopaths believe shaking energizes water. Homeopaths actually 'succuss' which is a strong tapping motion. And once the substance has risen above the 20th dilution, nothing left of starting substance. They administered the highest dilutions to blood samples. Of course, he did not expect any reaction by the histamine basophyles from the reagent that was highly diluted.

He says his assistant found results were the same as after an application of the full strength reagent. The second set of data made him question his own belief. Nothing can make these basophyls degranulate on their own. The tests were supposedly done in the research lab under quality conditions.

How could anything make a change? it was just water. He needed to know more. even after 2-3 years of research. even diluting a billion billion times. His explanation was the memory of water. Even with this dilution the water still knew the original substance.

Scientists submit their research to Nature magazine to publish to the entire scientific community. Sometimes things that cannot be explained are rejected outright. So, they were not going to publish. Benveniste said he compared himself to Galileo.

Nature agreed to publish on conditions a team would investigate the lab. The results were a condemnation of his work in June 1988.

He agreed for the committee to visit the lab, since there was nothing to hide. That is when he found out the people selected were impostures and not scientists. Walter Stewart, James Randi and John Maddox. Their "intention" was to uncover fraud and so this is exactly what they did. It was all a set up.

If they couldn't find a way to find something wrong with Benveniste, they put the blame on his staff and assistance. They gave an explanation that there was bias in the lab, because they were looking for results and so that is what they found.

It is strange that this works both ways. The committee was looking for a way to dismiss the actual findings. Therefore, they claimed the lab assistants were looking for a way to explain their results, by reproducing the same lab findings over the course of 2-3 years.

I always find it amazing how the two opposites seem to attract and one cancels out the other. Then he says Elizabeth did not enter the experiments that did not work and filled in papers afterwards. This is a game of He Said, She Said.

Benveniste says that the committee investigation was fixed before they started. They dismissed the entire project after one failure, and they were automatically prejudiced by using their own people instead of a completely impartial group of research scientists.

James Randi and friends were doing a witch hunt, and then "Nature" rejected the paper. The reason given is that if this were true, then the world of science would have to change.

And this is what is happening today.


 Homeopathy & Digital Biology
Homeopathy & Digital Biology | Source

Contemporary Research Confirms The Properties of Water

THE MEMORY OF WATER | The 'Memory of Water': an almost deciphered enigma. Dissipative structures in extremely dilute aqueous solutions

  • a Dipto. di Chimica, Università 'Federico II' di Napoli, via Cintia, 80126 Napoli, Italyb PROMETE Srl - INFM Spin off Company, Via Buongiovanni 49, San Giorgio a Cremano, 80046 Napoli, Italy


In the last decade, we have investigated from the physicochemical point of view, whether water prepared by the procedures of homeopathic medicine (leading inexorably to systems without any molecule different from the solvent) results in water different from the initial water? The answer, unexpectedly, but strongly supported by many experimental results is positive.

We used well-established physicochemical techniques: flux calorimetry, conductometry, pHmetry and galvanic cell electrodes potential. Unexpectedly the physicochemical parameters evolve in time.

The water solvent exhibits large changes in measurable physicochemical properties as a function of its history, the solute previously dissolved, and time. In particular we found evidence of two new phenomena, both totally unpredicted, in homeopathic dilutions: the presence of a maximum in the measured physicochemical parameters vs sample age, and their dependence on the volume in which the dilution is stored. These new experimental results strongly suggest the presence of an extended and 'ordered' dynamics involving liquid water molecules. © 2007 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

Galileo Looks at Dante's Version of Hell

About Memory of Water

The Memory of Water Redeemed | Science 24 December 2010 | An interview by NewsCom with Luc Montagnier, French 2008 Nobel Prize Winner for discovering HIV speaks about the memory of water. Montagnier is relocating from Paris to Shanghai where he will investigate pathogenic DNA electromagnetic waves. These biomarker signals may reveal information about bacteria and viruses linked to a number of diseases, including autism, Parkinson's, Multiple Sclerosis and Alzheimer's. Maybe the geiger counter analogy would fit for diagnosing illness. In this interview, Montagnier called Benveniste a Modern Day Galileo. Basically, "High dilutions of something are not nothing." Montagnier's bold assertions will test the future of medicine.

Dr. Jacques Benveniste Digibio Part 2

Video Part Two

Through the application of homeopathically prepared remedies ~ diluted and succussed substances that were applied to blood cells ~ there were results indicative of molecular substance. However, based upon the dilution level, there are supposedly no molecules left in the dilution. There is no explanation. It is quite surprising to the scientists that there could be a change in the blood. 

Dr. Jacques Benveniste states the "structure" of biochemicals can be impressed on water electrically using white noise and coils and that the water will display some of the activity of the original biochemical. 

This information comes from the YouTube document: The experiment can be reproduced by winding two coils around a test tube containing a water solution having a particular biochemical. Play white noise into one coil, sense the modified white noise via the other coil. A sort of "water-core transformer," with the water containing the chemical being studied. Transmit the "modified" white-noise to a distant location (or record it, then mail the recording to the distant location, or send it as a digitized .wav file over the internet.) 

Bandwidth must be about 22KHz, perhaps lower. At the distant location (where cross-contamination is unlikely) play the modified white-noise signal into a coil that's wrapped around a test tube full of pure water. Shake the tube during this process, otherwise the water supposedly won't "record" the pattern reliably. Test for presence of the original biochemical. 

See if the pure water will cause appropriate reactions in sensitive bio-materials. Alternately: play the modified white noise signal into a coil wrapped around the bio-sensitive material itself and see if it has any effect. 

Jacques Benveniste

The Memory of Water

Your Opinion Please

Do You Think Water Can Hold A Memory?

See results

Memory of Water with Emoto

Emoto Water Crystals

Dr Emoto also delved into the structure and memory of water. His work shows how we can effect the structure of water crystals with out thoughts and energy patterns. Each time there is a discovery, the seeker is surprised because it turns his world up-side-down. And, then once this information comes out, it effects the entire belief systems of many cultures. In some cases, it confirms ancient concepts. In other cases, the results are too controversial to accept as part of how the world works. In this situation, only a fringe group believe what has been discovered and find ways to utilize this information. 

It is to be expected that there will be a push and pull of ideas. That there is one group versus another group. Each need to investigate further to confirm what has been discovered. 

I think of the Emoto crystals as very simplistic level observation of the crystalline structures. He connects our thoughts and emotions to the structural images of these frozen water molecules. The dividing line is that the thought is either good or bad; beautiful or ugly; bright or dull; alive or dead. 

This is truly a yin/yang perspective of oriental traditional medicine. The key learning is that we can effect the structure of everything around us, since we are mostly composed of water. Our breath contains water, our cells would be dead without water. We are bathed in water, even though we breath the air. 

The Memory of Water

My Message

I am bringing these two discoveries together to say that we are learning new things every day. Even if a person's discovery turns out not to be what we expect or not to be exactly 'on target' and fit into our thought schema, it shifts our world.

Because what we think can change what is real, material, tangible and true for individuals, cultures, communities and society, it is important not to dismiss these ideas outright.

When these concepts arise, we are forced to take a closer look, investigate, decide. Is this true for me or not? Will I incorporate these ideas into the way I live my life?

Homeopathy is all about matching patterns and energies. Homeopathy is based upon the law of similars, like a reflection or looking into a mirror.

The Law of Similars

The principle that like shall be cured by like, or "Similia similibus curantur." This principle, recognized by physicians and philosophers since ancient times, became the basis of Hahnemann's formulation of the homeopathic doctrine: the proper remedy for a patient's disease is that substance that is capable of producing, in a healthy person, symptoms similar to those from which the patient suffers.

In other words, a substance produces symptoms of illness in a well person when administered in large doses; if we administer the same substance in minute quantities, it will cure the disease in a sick person. Hahnemann suggested that this is because nature will not allow two similar diseases to exist in the body at the same time. Thus homeopaths will introduce a similar artificial disease into the body which will push the original one out. The dose is small so that there is no danger of any long term side effects.


What The Bleep?


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  • Debby Bruck profile imageAUTHOR

    Debby Bruck 

    7 years ago

    Dear Dana ~ Thank you for posting your thoughts concerning the memory of water. I usually do not allow links, found in the commenting section of my Hubpages, as a general rule and personal policy. Thus, for you, I am making an exception. You have been at the forefront of homeopathic education, advocacy and promoting homeopathy with great passion. Continue on with these efforts to create waves of awareness, as my HWC motto states. Blessings, Debby

  • profile image

    Dana Ullman 

    7 years ago

    The BBC's study was a FRAUD! The narrator specifically said that their study was a "replication" of Professor Ennis' previous study, but this was a LIE as this email from her proves:

    The fact that some of the "homeopathy deniers" (aka "the medical fundamentalists") often link to the BBC's study is simply further evidence of their effort to mis-inform people and to grind their axe against homeopathy (and the truth).

  • Debby Bruck profile imageAUTHOR

    Debby Bruck 

    9 years ago

    Dear Dmitriy ~ The more the merrier. Let's understand the properties of water together.

  • Dmitriy bestlife profile image

    Dmitriy bestlife 

    9 years ago from Moscow

    Hi, Debby!

    I am here at Hubpages to promote an extreemly interesting Russian device, and You shoud be in course. The task of influencing the water memory is solved by S. V. Koltsov. He created a dwvice wich is used to influence the water strucuure with defenite prerecorded information.

    The aim -to is to influence the state of a human organism through the water structure. Exactly the way homeopathy works.

    Massary Emotto himself was presented one Functional State Corrector and highly appretiated the device

    It's exactly the subgect You are wrighting about, I appretiate Your hubs, they are usefull for me, thank You very much for Your effort.


  • Debby Bruck profile imageAUTHOR

    Debby Bruck 

    9 years ago

    As I said Emma, whether or not the conclusion is true or false, my purpose in demonstrating these hypothesis is to keep an open mind about possibilities. I juxtaposed two presentations about the power of energy.

  • profile image


    9 years ago

    This research has since been tried and tested under better control conditions and CANNOT be repeated. It is not true. Do not believe everything you read here. Watch for a better idea.

  • Debby Bruck profile imageAUTHOR

    Debby Bruck 

    9 years ago

    Hello Juneaukid ~ This is rather fascinating and my thoughts about it change as I gain more knowledge. It more the principle that I'm interested in, rather than the experiment specifically.

    I have no idea how you would bottle and dilute "human nature." How do you define that? Each of us in a unique entity. As a whole - the population of the world - I do believe we have a momentum and direction, common thoughts and patterns. We all laugh, smile, cry, mourn, etc. We are the only beings that communicate our thoughts through language. Although, a few hubs talk about other animals that have been trained to recognize and use words and symbols. Human have an advanced form of logic. Hopefully, we grow and develop into better people as we age.

    The point of Benveniste's and Emoto's experiments are to illustrate that water demonstrates a response from outside input. That water, which is so special in its functions and characteristics is like no other. It has the capacity to absorb and retain substances and emotions, which can then be given back to a person to balance a disorder. Of course, this specially prepared water must contain the matching energy to the person, in order to stimulate that "similar" property in the mind/body.

  • juneaukid profile image

    Richard Francis Fleck 

    9 years ago from Denver, Colorado

    A fascinating article. I wonder if this experiment could be carried out abstractly--if one dilutes human nature does human nature retain its collective sub-conscience that remains uniquely human.

  • Debby Bruck profile imageAUTHOR

    Debby Bruck 

    9 years ago

    Hello, Hello ~ I am honored that you continue to read my hubs. You live in an area of the world where all this debate is at its highest level and see in your papers how people think and feel about alternative health issues and new ideas.

    It means a lot that someone like you, who has written hundreds of hubs, comes by to take a peek at these thoughts.

    The topic presented here is another 'controversial' issue. Even I question what exactly is going on with the experiments.

  • Hello, hello, profile image

    Hello, hello, 

    9 years ago from London, UK

    Thank was an eye-opener and interesting read. Thank so much for your hard work.


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