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Homeopathy for Panic Attacks Can Be Extremely Effective

Updated on February 15, 2013

When I started having panic attacks in my 20s, I thought I was going to die. I felt as though my throat was constricting and I had to constantly clear it. I felt sick, my whole body used to be covered in cold sweat and I would tremble all over. I even suffered from palpitations and thought I was having a heart attack. The feeling was terrible. Panic attacks had a debilitating effect on my life. They did not allow me to live a normal and functional life. I was constantly anxious, fearful and afraid. I think I would have continued to struggle with these attacks had I not discussed it with a friend. I did not want to take medications, as side effects were the last thing I wanted to deal with along with my panic attacks. My friend convinced me to try homeopathy for panic attacks.

I was a still skeptical to begin with, but I still decided to give it a try. I was quite surprised with the results. Homeopathic remedies for panic attacks are prescribed based on the symptoms. Hence, each person gets a different remedy depending on the symptoms. I also was surprised with the efficacy of the homeopathic remedy prescribed to me by a licensed homeopathic practitioner.

Homeopathy for Panic Attacks

Aconite Napellus: This homeopathic remedy is great for fear, agitation or panic attacks after a shock or trauma. It can also be used by people who have a fear of dark, suffer from anxiety when left alone or experience claustrophobia. The remedy can also be used when a person fears death due to illness, restlessness and panic attack. Usually about 200C potency is prescribed once a day and this helps the fear and anxiety to reduce and become less problematic. Once the fear and anxiety is controlled, this homeopathic remedy is discontinued.

Stramonium: When a person suffers from a panic attack after a violent confrontation, such as physical attack or mugging, stramonium can help. It can treat feelings of terror and terrifying nightmares. There are some people, who do not like being left alone, especially at nights or those who are afraid to go to sleep in the dark can benefit from taking this homeopathic remedy for panic attacks.

Arsenicum Album: This homeopathic remedy is used to treat anxiety that stems from pain. It also helps to treat panic attacks that come with hypochondria. Others suffering from neurotic anxiety, wherein they have a feeling that their loved ones are going to die, can also be treated with arsenicum album. Usually 30C potency is given every half to two hours until the symptoms abate. Thereafter, the person can take about 200C potency once a day until the symptoms are under control.

Argentum Nitricum: This was the remedy I was prescribed and it helped me immensely. It helped to bring my symptoms under control. Panic attacks with agitation. Compulsive thoughts of something horrible is about to happen; suffering from panic at the thought of an impending meeting; and fears that manifest as impulses can be treated with argentum nitricum. Usually 200C potency of argentum nitricum is taken three times a day. Care should be taken not to eat or drink anything half before and an hour after taking dosage.


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    • profile image

      Yaamini Radhakrishnan 

      5 years ago

      I am seriously amazed. I knew homeopathy cures a lot of diseases, but panic attacks?? This is awesome


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