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Updated on August 13, 2012

Homeopathy is just another alternative medicinal product not backed by scientific evidence. The market is flooded with alternative medicine and people who espouse its incredible effects. Homeopathy is essentially water containing a medicine that is so diluted that it is not even detectable in chemical testing. Those who believe in homeopathy claim that even though the medical properties are undetectable, the water has a “memory”. This claim is not even conjecture; it is false.

Clinics and Use

Clients with sicknesses and depression are using homeopathy clinics around America. A doctor was interviewed and asked what he thinks about this alternative treatment. He told cameras that although even he knew that scientific research has shown that there are no proven effects that homeopathy works, he felt he was still helping his patients because they claimed that they felt better after treatment.

Many people waste money and time with these treatments. They walk in, explain their problem, and walk out with what is the medical equivalent of snake oil. They are unaware that there is no real benefit to homeopathy. They are uniformed and are ready to believe in a cure-all, especially when it comes from a doctor in a clinic. In sum, the following are the problem:

· People are wasting their money

· People are not truly getting better

· People are being misinformed

Truth and Awareness

The most obvious and effective way to diminish this problem would be awareness. The results of scientific evidence should be more readily available to the public. It can be hard to know what real medicine is and what is not. The best advice about medicine was quoted: “there is a name for alternative medicine that works; it’s called medicine.


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