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Homocystein and cardiovascular diseases

Updated on August 15, 2009

Homocystein and cardio vascular diseases

Has your doctor ever recommended a blood test to check your homocystein levels..if your answer is no, then this article is for you. Studies show an elevated homocystein level in the blood is responsible for aproximatly15 persent of all the heart attacks and strokes in the world today.

The history of homocystein begining with the career of Dr. Kilmer McCully, a pathologist and a researcher. Early in his career, during 1960's he became perticularly interested in a disease called homocystiuria , the one who is badly efected with this disease where childrens who had a genetic defect that kept them from breaking down an essential amino acid called methionine. When Dr. Mcully examined the childrens pathology slides he discoverd that the damage to arteries was very much similiar to that of an elderly man who had cardovascular disease.This made him conclude that even a small elevation of homocystein could be a acuse of heart attacks and strokes in an average patient.

What is homocystein?

Homocystein is an intermediate byproduct that we produce when our bodies metabolize an essential amino acid called methionine. Methionine is found in large quantities in our meats, eggs, milk, cheese, whilte flour, canned foods, and highly processed foods. this homocystein must be converted to either cystein or meth ionine again .The enzymes needed to breake down homocystein in to cystein or back to methionine need folic acid vitamin B6, and B12 to do thier job. If we are deficient in these nutriens, the level of homo cystein in the blood begin to rise.
Is there any healthy level of homocystein?

Unlike cholesterol which the body required for the production of certain cell parts and hormones homocystein provides no health benifits. The higher the value of homocystein the greater the risk of cardiovascular dieasee. You want your homocystein levels to be as low as possible .

What are the risks involved with elevated homocystein levels?

The level of blood homocystein point out various health risk in your body. Fisrt of all it gives the amount of methionine in your diet that the body has to metabolize and breake down. The interesting fact is that the food high in methionine are also high in saturated fats and cholesterol and it is very importent to controll methionine intakes as you controll the high fat intakes.we need to replace these food s with fruits and vegitables.

The second thing about an elevated homocystein level is, it clearly indicate the deficiency of some of the vital nutriens required in our body , with out these nutreins our body will fail to funtion effectevly. The nutriens involved in the breake down of homocystein have major role in the production of various co-enzymes in our body. co enzymes play an importent role in metabolism.

Homocystein and Oxidative stress

High homocystein levels are also indicate a high oxidative stress in your body. because the nutreins responsible for homocystein breake down are also invloved in the antioxident defence mechanism in your body. A poor anti oxident defence mechanism is the fundamental cause of all most all degenerative diseases.

So I challenge you to ask your personal physician to perform the required testings to find out your blood homocystein levels.


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