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Hoodia Diet Pills Composition

Updated on March 12, 2011

Those with weight problems who are interested in the dietary supplement Hoodia Gordonii surely understand by now that most of the Hoodia-based products available on the market today are fakes. This being said, I should add that the subject of this article is not about that, rather it is about the effectiveness of Hoodia Gordonii weight loss pills.

Traditionally, genuine Hoodia Gordonii supplements contained extracts of the plant growing in the wild South African desert. Today however, such genuine weight loss supplements contain the cultivated version of the wild plant. Obviously, there are some differences between the two Hoodia Gordonii plants, the most important of these differences is their effectiveness.

One of the largest Hoodia Gordonii importers in the world states that the wild version of Hoodia Gordonii has a far greater potency. The active ingredient contained in it, P57 has greater appetite suppressant effects on the human brain, mainly because the plant it is extracted from has been given the benefit of a long and natural development up to the stage of maturity.

This is a process that usually takes the plant 5 or 6 years to complete; it is only then that it reaches the height of its potency. This is the reason why most of the genuine Hoodia Gordonii supplements only contain extracts from plants which are at least five years old.

According to this same Hoodia importer, the main flaw in cultivating Hoodia is that it is harvested too soon (after only 2 or 3 years, which is when the plant is only half-way to maturity). The result is a weight loss dietary supplement that cannot offer the same degree of effectiveness as the one using a fully matured Hoodia Gordonii plant.

Hoodia insiders do claim that wild Hoodia Gordonii plants still exist and they are used in the process of producing weight loss pills. Still there are others claiming the contrary, that there are no wild Hoodia Gordonii resources left and that the market is full of weight loss supplements containing cultivated Hoodia Gordonii.

Among the industry insiders there are still many asserting that wild Hoodia Gordonii and the cultivated version both have equal potency.

It is impossible to know the truth about these assumptions since no standard potency testing has been conducted on Hoodia Gordonii diet pills. Some independent testing labs can determine if a certain dietary pill contains genuine Hoodia Gordonii, but none of them are able to determine or measure the potency of the active element P57.

No matter what the truth is, one thing is certain. If there are any wild Hoodia Gordonii left, they will soon be gone due to the high demand. However, the potency issue still does not have an answer. The only recourse consumers of Hoodia Gordonii products have in testing the potency of these dietary pills is through monitoring the effects of the pills on themselves. The larger issue is the high demand of Hoodia Gordonii, combined with its rarity causes there to be many fake products on the market and many more people seeking weight loss getting exploited.


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