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What Are The Side Effects of Hoodia? Hoodia Gordonii Side Effects

Updated on May 20, 2009

Here is the list of side effects Hoodia can cause!

Every website selling Hoodia Products says, as Hoodia Gordonii is 100% natural herbal weight loss aid, it is free from side effects. Do you believe this?

In this article I'm going to explain you all the negative effects of Hoodia supplements and how to combat them.

Negative effects of Hoodia:

Though the harmful side effects of Hoodia are very few and can be eliminated completely with some precautionary measures Hoodia has a few unwanted effects. They are:

1. Hoodia suppresses both Hunger and thirst: Hoodia Gordonii’s active molecule P57 suppresses hunger and thirst. Hunger controlling is beneficial as it aids weight loss. But reduction in thirst is not a good sign as this can cause de-hydration. Drinking more and more water is a must for healthy weight loss.

Solution: Drink plenty of water (I mean water and water only) even if you do not feel thirsty when you are on Hoodia pills.

2. Appetite suppression can crash metabolic rate: Metabolic rate is the rate at which our body burns calories. Eating very few calories gives a signal of scarcity of food to our calorie burning furnace which in turn starts burning fewer calories. If this happens, you won’t get maximum benefit of eating less as fat calories in our body will burn very slowly.

Solution: By eating protein enriched food and doing regular simple exercises like walking, you can stop metabolic rate from falling down. Instead exercises combined with high protein food escalates metabolism and accelerates weight loss.

3. Is not suitable for people with liver problems: Jasjit S. Bindra, PhD, former researcher for hoodia at Pfizer (the pharmaceutical giant to which Phytopharm sold thelicensed rights to develop hoodia for $21 million but later returned the rights), stated in a letter to The New York Times that although hoodia did appear to suppress appetite, there were indications of unwanted effects on the liver caused by components other than the active ingredient P57 that could not easily be removed during processing.

Researches found that molecules in the Hoodia Gordonii can be easily broken by the liver, which could result is more strain on liver of people with liver abnormalities.

But people without any liver problems will not get affected by this side effect.

4. Not recommended to be taken with other medications: If a person is taking medicines say, for blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, depression, and other diseases, avoid taking any diet pills without consulting your doctor.

Though there is no proof of hoodia pills interacting with other medications, to be on a safer side, consult your doctor before going for hoodia pills.

Positive side effects of Hoodia:

Now let’s come to the lighter part of it. My job is simply not finished if I don't highlight the positive effects of Hoodia slimming tablets. Though it is not proved, Hoodia is said to have some positive side effects also:

1. Makes you feel good: If you have seen hoodia on 60 minutes, recall Lesley Stahl, reporter of CNS news saying “It made me feel good throughout the day”. Hoodia pill users also say the same thing.

2. Sexual arousal: Though it is not proved, Hoodia is said to heighten the moods of some individuals including sexual arousal. Does it look funny? Is it a bonus with Hoodia?

Before you do anything else, I highly recommend you to read this article about Hoodia Free Trial offer and scam

Hoodia Side Effects- Final Word


Unless you are under any medication, you can consider Genuine Hoodia diet pills very safe for healthy weight loss and enjoy the positive effects too. But drink plenty of water. Be on a healthy diet and regular exercise for accelerated fat loss.

Hoodia Slim Success


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