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Hoodia Patch or Capsules - Which Is the Best?

Updated on March 12, 2011

Some of you who experience weight problems and want to shake off some pounds may have considered trying the Hoodia Gordonii patches instead of the pills containing the same substance. You might think the patch is an easier way to lose some weight. But before purchasing them, you should read this article, because you will find out some interesting facts about these patches.

Hoodia pills usually contain variable amounts of the authentic plant (the amount varies upon the company) and therefore they can be effective appetite and thirst reducers. Hoodia patches on the other hand, may not be what they claim.

If you read the literature on the patches which is available on the internet, you will see that the biggest claim is that the Hoodia extract passes through your skin more rapidly and then it gets into the bloodstream; thus the appetite and thirst reduction effect will install sooner than when using Hoodia pills.

When given the promise of a quicker and more effect via Hoodia patches, many people tend to fall into that hope, since the explanation of the accelerated slimming process seems based upon logic. However, there are no clinical studies to prove the truth of these claims; moreover, no clinical or scientific study to date has been performed which supports the effectiveness of Hoodia itself, let alone Hoodia patches.

Proponents of Hoodia patches will argue this by citing nicotine patches and birth control patches as similar examples which actually work. Marketers of Hoodia patches use this similarity to drawn in more clients and persuade them to purchase their product.

However, the situation is different with Hoodia patches. Nicotine and birth control patches require a prescription from a physician. Hoodia patches do not require any prescription whatsoever.

This is an important distinction because when a prescription is required to purchase a product it means that product has been subject to a clinical testing phase to validate its effectiveness; governmental agencies have examined those products, found them effective and approved their marketing and use in public.

But for Hoodia patches no prescription is required, meaning no such clinical tests have been made on this product to prove its effectiveness.

Hoodia patches do not require a prescription. This means no clinical tests have been made on this product to validate its effectiveness.

If this isn't a strong enough argument to prove the fraud of Hoodia patches, let's apply a common sense example. Hoodia Gordonii is a cactus that grows in the Kalahari Desert of South Africa.

The San tribe there has used this plant for centuries in order to reduce their appetite and thirst during long hunting periods. They cut 2-3 inches of the plant, peel it and chew it. It is only by a tribeman swallowing the plant that it had an effect. By comparison, that only by ingesting a Hoodia pill will the plant reduce the appetite of the user.


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