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Hoopnotica Travel Hula Hoop Review and an introduction to hula hooping

Updated on September 25, 2016

My hoop


Hooping - Why hula hooping?

You may think of hula hoops as a child's toy and wonder why people, as adults attempt to hoop however hula hoops can be a great way to stay active. They can be used to exercise many parts of the body by just switching to hooping with a different part of the body. Most importantly through it is fun and you get to mess about and learn tricks especially if you wish to attempt to hoop dance. They can be good to enjoy days off in the sun or take to festivals and can be a help to motivate you to go out into the outdoors. So to me they are worth messing about with even in adulthood.

Hoop basics - Buying your first hoop

The Hoopnotica hula hoop was my first hula hoop and I have tested it out for a good few months so bearing in mind that this was my first hula hoop, I will start with some of the basics of buying your first hula hoop.

When buying a first hoop you should look for...

1) A large hoop - mine was 39" in diameter but it should come to at least the height of your belly button when placed on the ground. This will make it easier for you to learn the basics of hooping as the greater the diameter the slower you need to move for the hoop to go around you. So go for a larger dance hoop rather than a child's hula hoop.

2) A bit of weight - a poly pro hoop or light hoop will be harder to hoop. Personally I don't like the idea of a heavy weighted hoop as you don't want to get bruised too much while you learn.

3) Grip tape

You basically want a hoop that will be comfortable and will give you the space to get down basic hooping. After this you might want to also consider if you want your hoop to come apart or fold down so that you can take it travelling.

The Hoopnotica Hula Hoop Review

After hooping for several months for fun. I have had the opportunity to test out the Hoopnotica Hula Hoop. As you may be able to see I've given it a good testing whist learning to hoop. From my experience of the hoop here are some of the pro's and con's of my hoop (pictured below).

The Pro's

  1. The major selling point for the Hoopnotica hula hoop is that it can be broken apart into sections which is a novel way to pack away your hoop rather than the usual folding hoop.
  2. As the hula hoop can be taken apart in sections, you can take away one of these sections and make a smaller 34" hoop. So it's like having two hoops in one.
  3. Hoopnotica has created a travel strap so you can strap the sections of hula hoop to your back as a way of carrying.
  4. The hoop has a decent weight to it without being too heavy. When lending my hoop to people who have tried with a smaller or light hoop one of the things that they have commented on is the ease of hooping when your hoop is not too light such as with children's hoops and poly pro's.
  5. The hoop comes in a large size which will help a beginner learn to hoop.
  6. The hoop comes with a DVD that will give you some training resources to help get you started.

You can find this hoop and many others on Amazon.

The Con's

  1. After testing the hoop for several months, it isn't the most durable of hula hoops. As it is my first hoop I have smashed it around on concrete A LOT so this may well be a reason why this is occurring, however the disconnecting design of the travel hoop does have some flaws. As far as wear and tear is concerned the flaw is that the screws in the hoop have at least in my hoop become lose. There are many screws in each sections of the hoop so this can be a problem is you don't have a small enough screwdriver to fix as you could get snagged by the lose screws while hooping. Other than that the taping has come lose a bit but it is only grip tape and as I've said I've smashed it about a lot.
  2. The hoop makes a bit of a squeaky noise as it goes around you I guess especially if it has lose screws.
  3. The design is also a bit bendier than a traditional travel hoop.

Lose screw
Lose screw | Source

Hoop wear and tear

The picture above is of my bashed about hoopnotica hoop, as you can see I'm going to need to take a screwdriver to it sometime. The button on the left of the photo is present on each of the hoop's 6 segments and if you push it inwards then you can start to break the hoop into it's 6 separate segments.

Which do you prefer?

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My verdict - the Hoopnotica travel hoop V's the traditional travel hoop

I love my first hoop, it helped me grasp the basics of hooping. I also love how it can be switched to a smaller hoop as now I have got better with the big hoop it is easier to also use a smaller size hula hoop. Also I am really limited on space so it's a big plus to be able to switch from each size depending if I need a larger hoop for practice reasons or a smaller one when space is limited.

That being said if I was to buy another hoop it would probably be a traditional folding hoop as having seen friends versions, I've noticed that the folding hoops don't actually take up that much space. I am also annoyed at the screws on my Hoopnotica travel hoop.

So my advise is to get a hoop, it's great fun! Just in my opinion you are probably better off with a hoop that coils down traditionally, unless the style of hoopnotica's hula hoops really appeal to you.

Where to learn about hooping

Many hula hoops that you can buy may come with their own hoop DVD's or resources which is great however if you don't have any resources don't worry there are many out there for free on the internet including many hooping youtube channels. My favourite of these if you hadn't already noticed is Deanne Love's channel. She has many video's which cover both hoop basics and more advanced tricks that you can do. As I learnt from youtube if one person doesn't explain it right, sometimes watching someone else's video will help because it's good to get a new perspective when your confused about a trick. As hula hooping has become an increasingly more popular way to get fit or have fun with hoop dancing there are now dedicated hooping classes scattered around. Your best bet to find a class near you is to search for hoop classes.

As my favourite resource currently is Deanne Love's hooping channel, I will link you to one of her beginner videos to get you started!

How to waist hoop

Hooping extra's

When you've got your tricks down and you want to move onto other things then there are many more ways to progress or make hooping more fun.

You can get an LED hula hoop. These hoops will light up in the dark, allowing you to make colourful patterns while you hoop. They come in different sizes and weights depending on what you feel comfortable with.

You can get a smaller or lighter hoop (such as a poly pro hula hoop) which will make the hooping experience harder and are also good for tricks.

People even hula hoop with fire which I have to say is amazing to watch and something that I hope to someday be able to do. Through that isn't something to go into too lightly without the proper precautions, the proper equipment and someone who knows what they are doing with you, because well it's fire. You can sort of simulate the look of fire with an LED hula hoop as an alternative.

Just remember if your'll learning to hoop then your hoop could well end up looking like mine so you don't need to start off with really fancy hoops.

By Firegypsy (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
By Firegypsy (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons | Source


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