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Hoping and Wishing Will Not Diminish Lack Of Communication: Just Say It

Updated on November 10, 2011

MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Psychology

Esoteric Sexual Rhythm In Communication
Esoteric Sexual Rhythm In Communication | Source

MODE Of Cosmic Therapy Email O Gram Invitation: Esoteric Demonstration The Art of Sexual Intimacy in Communication

Although you may think you know, and can hear the sound of the words that come out of your mouth, do you realize you may not be aware of what you are saying?

That’s right! I said you may be saying something altogether different from you think you are saying. Communication involves far more than the exchange of words. Some research scholars even ascertain that about 85% of communication is non-verbal.

IF this be the case, then in all actuality, you may not be aware of what the other person is hearing from you. You are currently so focused on your point of view; you are not hearing what the other person is saying to you, either. In order to communicate effectively, people must be able to relate. It has been shown that men and women relate quite differently which results in a certain amount of apparent difficulty.

Because of this problem, barriers are set up, conversation breaks down, conflict arises and an overall sense of ineffective communication results.

Being unable to communicate affects every area of a person’s life; not only in personal relationships, but in career settings, the immediate workplace and other pertinent interactions. Conflict and gender differences, contribute to the tension of miscommunication often resulting in unnecessary arguments.

Confrontations could be avoided if more attention was given in trying to engage in thoughtful understanding conversations. In order to resolve this barrier, men and women must become aware of the need to establish and maintain a better and more effective way of verbal and non-verbal delivery.

IF it's in there, get it out!

Getting one’s point across demands constant attention to what is being said and how it is being received. Conflict can easily be cleared up and resolved simply by paying attention to the usage of words, body language, energy and attitude of the person talking. It’s all a matter of both sexes working at it. In essence, communication between men and women is vital to produce a ‘more or less’ fulfilled productive happy life that is worth living.

You must be willing to walk in the other person’s shoes to comprehend what’s going on in the present conversation.

In order to communicate effectively with one another, a recognized level of awareness, a lot of effort, attention and committed focus is needed to understand what is actually being exchanged between the parties.

Too much emotional baggage is attached to a transfer of subliminal energy that is not currently being addressed. This is so typical when a relationship beings to go sour. Too much accosted blame. By working on relating, everyone and everything in your life will be improved and enjoyed.

Just because you think you are being or have been ‘taken for granted’ does not make it true. You are far too emotional regarding other past issues which you are subconsciously bringing to the table.

When a breakdown in communication occurs, it is not immediate. It has been brewing for a very long time! You are so dissatisfied in your present state of affairs; you are actually looking for a fight. It’s not much fun being bitchy by yourself.

How many times in this particular ‘argument’ have you said the word “I”? How much of the content is about you and your gripes? Count how many times you say the phrase: “I hope”.

When these two words are uttered, you are in fact summoning the quick arrival of a noisy Bus you must enter to experience the very opposite of what you hope for.

If you say, “I wish”, a small narrow boat will arrive that will take you on a slow ride through many complex and contrary decisions that seem to counteract one another. You will begin to WONDER (key word: wander) when your life will ever be back on track again.

The point is to become aware of yourself by observation of the WORDS you so carelessly use. By saying, “I hope” or “I wish” you are assuming you know how your life should be lived instead of simply living it. IF you’re not living ‘your’ life, who is?

Don’t hope or wish things to be any different, easier, faster, more productive or better. You are the soil that needs toiling. Work your hands more and your mouth less.

Are you genuinely interested in getting along? Or are you satisfied with the constant bickering and biting antagonistic quarrels in order to spur on emotional interludes with your partner? Sometimes, when things are crookedly plastic in your affairs, you create drama to offset the otherwise poignant message trying to come through.

You are, no doubt, so identified with what you perceive the other to be, that it is absolutely impossible for you to pick up a valid trail (scent) of truth IF you wanted to.

Saying what you need to say, always...

The bare facts that you don’t want to face and will go to the moon and back to deny is that you are sexually frustrated and want it to be fixed immediately. You are sick and tired of workings so hard with little or no Satisfying results. You see, communication is purely sexual; nothing but.

Each word uttered, expression seized, gesture manipulated, and energy exchanged is sexually derived.

You are a sacred sensual sexual artistic being who needs and desires constant stimulation. That’s precisely why you engage in so many exhausting mind games.

You want the other, not only to read your complicated unstable mind, but desire total erotic exchange physically without having to say so. But, I’m afraid life simply doesn’t work that smooth until you get to the place you can be more honest in your approach.

Artistically you are vibrantly alive, sensationally in tune, and adaptively spontaneous. That is IF you are in tune with your art and executing it in some pleasurable manner.

IF you are not then WOE be unto your mate. He/she carries the brunt of your inexhaustible dissatisfaction. Nothing can gratify you until you speak your deepest desires and then transfer them in a thoroughly sizzling quivering fashion.

Art of esoteric communication is ineffably sublime.

The only manifestation that can come close to reaching the heights and depths of unutterable pleasure as is associated in having one’s art fulfilled is making love. That’s why the term is referred to as: MAKING LOVE!

Find your art. Engage your whole self in it. Then and only then can you be and receive the lover you fantasize about in your wildest most erotic dreams.

Hope Bus: Wish Boat, the elaborately designed disguised vehicle away from your inner most artistic joy.

Instead of wishing and hoping for what you want, create it. don't keep holding off waiting for the other to eliminate your frustration. Impossible. In other words, shock yourself. Do what turns you on repeatedly.





Just do IT passionately in an all out red lighted fashion!

Just three words, so incredible...


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    • oscillationatend profile image


      9 years ago from a recovering narcissist.

      011000100101101 ;)

      Good points, thank you.


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