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Human Aging and Hormones.

Updated on June 10, 2013

Neuroendocrine System.

 Hormones and Aging.
Hormones and Aging.

Neuroendocrine Theory

This theory focuses on hormonal influences on body functions. It’s very interesting because it shows how our vitality, basic body functions and reproductively are sustained by hormones. The decreased production of neuroendocrine hormones results in drastic deterioration of vital body functions. The neuroendocrine system works by regulating the hormone released from the hypothalamus. These hormones influence growth, sexual functions and other vital body functions.

It is true for hormones in women health and men health as well.

The Hypothalamus.

The hypothalamus operates by a chain reaction that releases the hormones that regulate other hormones. For instance, the hypothalamus releases Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) and Luteinizing Hormones (LH) which influence the secretion of estrogen and progesterone from the ovaries. These hormones regulate the female reproductive system. The level of these reproductive hormones decline with age as the woman experiences menopause. Menopause is a major age related change that occurs in females and is under the influence of neuroendocrine hormones. The hypothalamus responds to the body’s hormone levels and uses it as a guide to regulate hormonal activity. Hormone levels are high during younger years which accounts for menstruation in women and high sex drive in both sexes.

Hormonal Panel Blood Test
Hormonal Panel Blood Test

As the body ages, less hormones are produce which can have a profound and negative effect on the body.

Another hormone that confirms the accuracy of the neuroendocrine phenomenon is the human growth hormone (HGH). This hormone level is high during infancy and starts to decline by mid 30’s. HGH controls physiological growth and is responsible for our growth from birth to old age. It stimulates sex drive and metabolic processes as well as associated with youthfulness, maintenance of the skin, increased muscle mass and vitality. With advance age there is a decreased production of HGH which results in reduced sex drive, decreased metabolism and changes in the appearances of the skin. Other hormone secretion also declines with advanced age which affects how the body functions. For example, decreased testosterone affects the sex drive and male vitality while decreased estrogen production is associated with menopause in women. Decline in thyroid hormone will affect the body’s metabolic rate.

Hormones are vital for repairing and regulating body functions. Aging results in a decline in the body’s ability to repair itself.

Human Growth Hormone Decline
Human Growth Hormone Decline

Solution to Aging

A decrease in hormone levels stimulates the body to adjust by slowing down its functions. The body literally starts to slow down and other organs also start to release low levels of hormones in response to support the change. Some people do not deal with this change very well. They feel a sense of loss of youthfulness. This is why hormone replacement therapy is recommended which can reignite the interest in life and increase human vitality. HGH is frequently used as an anti-aging therapy because it stimulates sex drive and rejuvenates youthful appearance. It promotes lean body mass and completely reverse the effects of aging. Hormone replacement therapy is a frequent component of anti-aging treatment and it helps to reset the body’s hormonal clock. This allows the signs of aging to be reversed or even delay the effects of aging.

If hormone replacement returns the body to a youthful level of functioning which rejuvenates metabolic processes, then people can remain young.


Other Theories of Aging

There are four basic theories of aging, (click to learn more):


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