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Hospitals: Delivering the Thanks They Deserve

Updated on September 9, 2014

What They Do For Us...

Daily people walk through their doors with ailments of all degrees. Individual hospitals are staffed with people who work tirelessly around the clock to help people. They take their time to help others. Is that not warrant enough for at least a 'Thanks'?

Like you, I run around from task to task without thinking about what they do for strangers. Even if they don't help me, they help others like me who might be in a terrible place in their lives. Shouldn't those of us who have good, stable lives be praying for the faculty and patients?

If you're reading this, I hope you will remind yourself of a time when you needed help and someone was there to offer it.

The E.R.

The nurses, doctors, and especially the ambulance drivers, deserve a round of applause. The fast-paced, stressful environment could only be performed by the strongest people. The ambulance attendees deserve special prayers as they travel on crowded roads to get to people who can't make it to the hospital.

On top of their unusual schedule, these people have families at home who may not see them as much as they would like because their family members spend their time helping others. Sometimes, the faculty of the E.R., as well as the hospital, work over 12 hours. Their part-time jobs may run overtime.

Stress and pressure are particularly heavy for the E.R. attendants. They must deal with life-and-death situations where a person's life is literally in their hands. Admit it, unless you have a position in a hospital or similar workplace, you wouldn't want to have a job like that. The only exceptions would be people who aspire to have those jobs. Even so, sometimes those people walk away from it due to the emotional strain.

The Rewards

While working at a hospital or E.R. may be stressful, it can also be rewarding. The gratitude of family members is one reward. Seeing the relief pass over people's faces and knowing you put it there is a good feeling. Now and then you may see a child smile brightly because they feel better. Maybe those employees even get a hug.

I have had relatives send gifts to the faculty who helped them get better. Have you ever wanted to be a part of giving back to someone who already gives back to others? The next section of this article is devoted to just that.

The Challenge

Here's the challenge.

Once you're finished reading this article, or in your spare time, do one (or more) of these things:

  1. Take some goodies to a local hospital.
  2. Write a letter of appreciation to the faculty of a hospital you have been to.
  3. Send an e-mail to a high-ranking employee of a hospital expressing your satisfaction with the treatment of their patients.
  4. Organize an event honoring the faculty of a local hospital.
  5. Use social media to call out a nurse, doctor, or hospital.
  6. Use your imagination!

A VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: We are thanking hospitals and their employees for their heroic work, not emphasizing their failures! Tragedies happen at hospitals and not every life can be saved...we're only human.

Also, once you have done one of the things mentioned above (or something you thought of yourself), take a picture or tag a link in the comments below demonstrating your show of appreciation. Let's see how many people participate!


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    • vkwok profile image

      Victor W. Kwok 3 years ago from Hawaii

      Doctors and nurses definitely deserve thanks for working their hardest to ensure we live healthy and better lives.

    • Carlon Michelle profile image

      Carlon Michelle 3 years ago from USA

      Great idea. It's so easy when we are sick to take our medical professionals for granted as that's their job to make us better. But that doesn't mean they should not get to feel appreciated for the attention they give us. Especially so when they do a very good job and show special care. Smile!

    • blairtracy profile image

      blairtracy 3 years ago from Canada

      Thank-you for writing this. As a nurse I appreciate the recognition of hospital staff!