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Hot Flashes in Men – Causes and Home Remedies

Updated on July 24, 2010

Male menopause is gradually being valued by the public. If you are over the age of 45, with obviously no disease, but often have the inexplicable feeling of tiredness, you are gradually losing your patience to the children, unable to sleep well at night, suffering hot flashes and hair loss etc, you should be careful because chances are that you have already entered your menopause.

Most people usually think that women have the problems of menopause, in fact, men also have menopause. Research shows that women's menopause is caused by the degradation of ovarian function, while the male menopause is caused by th degradation of testicular function. Testicles are responsible for secreting the male hormone and testosterone, but after 40 years of age, testosterone production capacity will begin to gradually decline, This decreasing of male hormones due to aging is called "male menopause." 

Testosterone plays an important role in men's health, factors such as sexual function, quality of the muscle, strength, cardiovascular health, bone, cognitive ability and emotion, are all closely related to testosterone. Once the body’s testosterone level declines, a man will easily get tired, suffering Backache, leg pain and the loss of libido, he will also be very vulnerable to diseases. 

However, many middle-aged men are so busy with their work that they often neglect what should be paid attention to, or some men do notice the symptoms above, but they just don’t have enough knowledge of “male menopause” and its clinical symptoms, they usually consider that their health is getting worse because it is a normal and inevitable phenomenon with aging That’s why many men are suffering from the pain of menopause without even realizing it. In fact, as long as men have the correct concept of male menopause, they will be able to cope with menopause in a healthy way and effectively. To know whether a man has entered his menopause, it is important to pay more attention to his physical and psychological changes, as well as to do regular health checks, which can also provides a clear message. For example, through a full test of male hormone analysis, doctors can measure the secretion of testosterone and other related hormones such as cortisol, growth hormone, melatonin changes, so that they can predict in early time of the occurrence of menopause.

As for the male menopause treatment, it is usually to add the appropriate testosterone for treatment, a recently developed new drug with plant hormone can stimulate the pituitary gland to promote the secretion of testosterone, which is more natural to the human body. In addition to medications, adjustment of personal living habits after menopause is also very important, for example, enough rest, healthy living, good eating habits and a balanced diet with appropriate exercise and leisure activities are all crucial factors in the process of male menopause.

Men often have some symptoms of menopause, such as neurological disorders, headache, hot flashes, insomnia, fatigue, emotional instability, cardiovascular disorders, tachycardia, palpitation, digestive disorders, loss of appetite, constipation, diarrhea. Because of the slow onset of menopause, many men will gradually adapt to this slow changing process, so their physical changes of menopause are not obvious and serious like women.

For a safe male menopause, a man should pay attention to the following tips in addition to enhancing his resistance to diseases.

Eating a balanced diet, meaning the diet should be proper for you in quantity and quality, that  way the diet can play a higher nutritional value. Eat well-cooked meals, well cooked foods have the least destruction of nutrients and preserve the most part of food color, smell and taste. Because the digestive function has declined in middle aged men, they should avoid overeating, which only damages their stomach. Eating more fresh vegetables and fruits are also very important for menopausal men, people eating spicy foods tend to produce phlegm, lead to diabetes, hypertension, stroke, cardiovascular disease. 

Doing physical exercises regularly every day is especially good for your health and can help you overcome hot flashes and many other symptoms during menopause. When doing exercise, it should be noted that proper safety precautions are the first important step.


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