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Hot Yoga Checklist

Updated on April 9, 2011

So you're readying yourself for a fulfilling session of hot yoga. Whether you're a first-timer, simply curious or need a helpful checklist reminder, this hub is here to help.

It doesn't really take much to do yoga (hot or not) so rest assured; what to bring is virtually common sense and does not cost a fortune. The following guidelines will assist you as participate.


We've come to know yoga as a person and a yoga mat, minimum. Hot yoga requires a few easy extras. Consider the following as basic fundamentals for your practice.

yoga mat
This simple piece of equipment provides traction and grounding as you execute poses.
Use a clean towel to dry off during and after your session. Some people place an additional towel lengthwise on their mat for extra stability.
You'll be sweating buckets so having water on hand and sipping it throughout is important.

Other Items

These few additions aren't absolutely essential but easily assist you from start to finish, both inside and outside the heated studio.

You may also want to bring/use:
functional apparel
Clothing that is flexible, breathable and wicks away moisture from the skin keeps you comfortable.You may already own such items in other workout clothes but if not, you can easily purchase items such as yoga pants. (There are also various companies that specialize in hot yoga active wear and can be found online and in stores like Lululemon.)
If the studio you attend provides lockers bring your own lock to secure valuables.
extra change of clothing
Whether or not you shower right after, having a clean and dry change of clothing is a big plus.
yoga mat cleaner
Keep your mat clean for your next hot yoga session. Consider the use of a commercial solution or simple household ingredients (check manufacturer's recommendations).


Aside from bringing at least the very essentials, don't forget to bring your "whole self". By bringing a hydrated body, an open mind and the desire to breathe and learn, you will find yourself reaping the many benefits of hot yoga.

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