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How 3 Celeb Mums Lost Their Baby Weight

Updated on October 29, 2013

Do you ever feel slightly cheesed off when you open a magazine, see an article about how Kim Kardashian has shed her baby weight in just 3 weeks, get a pen and paper out ready to take extensive notes on how you can do the same and then discover it’s all down to a $1000 a session personal trainer?

Or how Gwyneth Paltrow had magical baby weight shedding 3 meals a day plus snacks delivered straight to her home for a mere cost of £2000 a month? Well not all of us have those kinds of funds, and I’m pretty sure we don’t have the patients either, so lets take a look at some more realistic, celeb baby weight brush-offs!

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Jessica Alba – aged 27

When Alba had her little lady Honor, she had around 35 pounds of baby weight to shed.

Exercise - To ease her back into shape she tried a 3-month exercise plan, which consisted of 20-minute core strengthening workouts, gradually working up to 40 minute sessions consisting of not only strength training (squats, lunges, chest presses) but fat-burning cardio (dance aerobics and kickboxing).

Food - She worked on a ‘321’ nutrition plan. 3 meals, 2 snacks, and at least 1 liter of water per day.

Real mum version – Use your living space. Not only will it save you money, but it means you can always be in ear or eye shot of your bouncing baby. Use your sofa for tricep dips, your stairs for cardio and a pile of pillows for an incline bench.

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Naomi Watts – aged 40

After little Alexander was born, Naomi had about 30 pounds to get rid of.

Exercise - When it came to trimming her tum, she took to the water, combining resistant moves such as underwater scissor kicks, with a mixture of swimming strokes including front crawl, backstroke and sidestrokes.

On top of swimming, which Naomi fit in a few times a week, she did strength exercises like squats, tricep dips, push-ups and pull-ups, adding in free weights for extra resistance.

Food – Naomi ate on the basis of ‘clean food’. This consisted of fresh meals, with no butter, sauces or saturated fats. Some of her top favourites were grilled fish chicken and lean beef with mustard or salsa for flavouring. She also added lemon juice and olive oil to steamed vegetables for added flavor.

Real mum version- You may think that you have no time for fitting in a trip to the pool, and that it may also be a little pricey if you’re expected to go a few days a week. Don’t forget, a lot of pools out there offer a free crèche for your little one, and many also combine gym memberships for great value, so it may be more cost effective for you than you think! Plus you know you will be leaving your bambino in safe hands while you take to the water.

The Impossible Movie Staring Naomi Watts

Naomi Watts In The Impossible

Julia Roberts – aged 41

When Julia had little Henry she gained about 35 pounds.

When it came to losing her baby weight, the thought wasn’t too daunting for Julia. With Henry being her third child, she was already very active, and merely wanted to focus on getting back into her old routine.

Exercise – As with Naomi, Julia took to the water to shed her baby bump. These pool sessions were typically an hour long each, and consisted of deep-water running while wearing a buoyancy belt, and leg kicks while holding on to the edge of the pool.

In addition to water workouts, Julia took to dry land, to practice step workouts, combining exercises to burn fat and tone muscle. One of her favourite moves that you may not have thought of, was Julia holding a pile of playing cards, doing a squat and placing a card o the ground then repeating the process until they were all dealt. She would then repeat the process until she had picked each one up.

Food – Julia was advised not to diet straight after birth, as it can have a negative impact on breast-feeding. Instead she just ate ‘real foods’, 3 times a day. Basically she avoided fast food and microwavable meals, now that doesn’t sound too bad to me!

Real mum version - If you are like Julia, and have older siblings as well as a newborn to juggle, then why not try a home DVD? It’s a great way to have someone guide you through the exercises while in the comfort of your home.

Another tip is to utilize the equipment you have when you take your kiddies to the park. The monkey bars are a great way to practice pull ups, a bench should be the perfect height for tricep dips, and if all the equipment is busy use the space for squats, lunges and a bit of cardio, why not involve the kiddies and have a good old game of tag

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