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How 50 Cent Lost Weight For "Things Fall Apart"

Updated on November 30, 2010

Celebrity Workout - 50 Cent Loses Weight and You Can Too

50 Cent is very well-known, so it's not surprising that his fans would be interested to know how he was able to lose so much weight. Why did 50 Cent lose so much weight? But more importantly, how did he do it? Did he go on a healthy weight loss program? What inspired him to want to get so thin?

It is estimated that 50 Cent is worth as much as $440 million dollars, yet it is his legacy that matters more to him than the money he makes. A simple tweet about his weight loss soon turned into a big debate with his fans. In just 2 months 50 Cent was able to lose over 50 pounds to play the role of a football player that gets cancer in the movie, "Things Fall Apart". Many of his fans were shocked and worried about his quick change in appearance, with health experts bad-mouthing his quick weight loss results without taking into consideration the reason he lost the weight.

50 Cent agreed to play the role as a tribute to a real life friend who also got stricken with cancer, much like the character he plays in the film. 50 Cent was inspired by other Hollywood actors who changed their appearance to play a role, such as Cast Away's Tom Hanks. Celebrities are known for going on diets or even gaining weight to play a character in a film, and sometimes they receive praise for their commitment to the role, and other times they receive criticism for going too far.

Health authorities have recently started looking at the glorification of massive weight loss by celebrities and are making it clear that people should not try to emulate this behavior.

50 Cent's Weight Loss - He Did This Before

A lot of people don't realize that this wasn't the first time 50 Cent dropped a lot of weight. 50 Cent was forced to go on a liquid diet after he got shot in the mouth back in 2000, and it helped to mold and shape his well-known appearance. Most dieters don't get shot in the mouth and get forced to go on a liquid-only diet, but at least 50 Cent had some idea of how this "diet" would work. While losing so much weight in just a 2 month period is considered by most to be very drastic and extreme, many dieters are looking into 50 Cent's methods to see if it can help them in their struggle to lose weight. Getting a basic understanding of 50 Cent's weight loss program just might give some tips or answers for those looking to drop some pounds.

The 50 Cent Weight Loss Program

Step One - Liquid Diet - For 2 months 50 Cent consumed nothing but a pure liquid diet. Most of the liquids he consumed also contained protein supplements and other nutrients. A diet that is rich in healthy liquids, like water, can be very good for you, but nutritionists will argue that eating real food is essential as well. Protein shakes should be considered as a nutritional supplement and should only be consumed in that way - not as the main diet. Losing weight on a liquid diet will only work for a short period, but it can help your body start burning fat and losing weight, breaking through various plateaus that our bodies tend to get stuck on from time to time.

Step Two - Plenty of Sleep - During this 2 month period, 50 Cent says he slept more than he ever slept before. Sleep is an important contributor to weight loss and an integral factor that is required in a healthy lifestyle. Studies have shown that people who suffer from sleep deprivation can also suffer from weight gain for a number of reasons.

Step Three - 3 Hour Workouts - 50 Cent was already pretty muscular before his diet and is used to working out, however the routine consisted of 3 hours of running to lose those stubborn pounds. 50 Cent trained for 3 hours at a time doing both steady state and interval cardio training exercises. Beginning with a 30 minute interval, 50 Cent would then run at a jogging pace before running again and then jogging for the rest of the 2 hours. It was a very extreme workout. A lot of people wonder if cutting calories that drastically can be safe.


Was 50 Cents Weight Loss Plan Healthy?

Before we point at 50 Cent's weight loss methods as dangerous or unhealthy we need to put it into perspective. Throughout his weight loss regimen, 50 Cent stated that he was able to keep up his muscle definition and because of this he almost quit the role because he didn't feel that he'd lost enough mass. However, he was able to get a very low percentage of body fat after about 30-days on the diet, yet still claimed to look as ripped as ever before. He claimed that the only downside to the regimen was a change in mood and energy levels during the last 2 weeks of the diet.

Obviously, extreme workouts and crash diets are not a sustainable or a healthy way to lose weight, but there is something to the idea of shocking our bodies for a short period of time. While most of us don't have what it takes to go on an all-liquid diet, many of us have tried other "shock" methods such as intermittent fasting and have seen visible results.

Our bodies are incredibly adaptable and can do really amazing things, particularly under extreme conditions such as crash dieting, but not for a long period of time. This is why intermittent fasting works so well. You can check out my results by visiting my website, or read my article on intermittent fasting.

50 Cent Looking More Healthy Now


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