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How a Scrapbook Can Help You in Your Weight Loss Efforts

Updated on March 31, 2018

The key ingredient to success is motivation! You can lose weight, feel great, and let your creative juices run free all at the same time whilst achieving something that many know they should do but is often difficult to start.

So where should you start? Before you run off to your local crafts store you need to sit down and set yourself some realistic goals about what you want to accomplish and the different methods of weight loss you intend to be using, like various nutritional supplements to try or vitacost coupons to use and save money. Losing weight is a constant battle but setting yourself short term goals as well a long term ones will help you keep motivated and feeling good about your progress. With those steps in mind it’s time to start the creative process and get you started on getting the body that you deserve.

Scrapbooking is a very personal process, particularly when you are both the creator and the subject. There are many good ways to scrapbook and many different design styles to get you started but the best scrapbooks are always the ones with that personal touch. There’s no right or wrong way so just do what you feel is right for you! For some inspiration, a simple web search is always a good place to start, see what others have done before you and if you see a style you like you can always base your scrapbook on theirs (remember to give credit where credit is due!).

Now you have your weight loss goals and scrapbook ideas together - as well as a few Vitacost promo codes or other available deals for your new diet trip - it’s time to make a big decision, will you make a physical scrapbook or a virtual one? The more traditional physical scrapbook may be the tried and tested method and the one you will get recommended the most but the virtual one has some merit to it as well. If sharing your success with the masses is your goal then consider a virtual scrapbook, it’s easy to share with friends and family and it can help them achieve what you have done too. For now, though I will be focusing on the more traditional scrapbooking method.

You can buy readymade scrapbooks that you just put pictures in but those certainly lack the personal touch and since this project is all about your journey to a new body personalizing everything may just give you that confidence booster you require at times.

Start by deciding what kind of book you will make your scrapbook out of, are you going for simplicity with a basic ring binder folder, or going for an extravagant leather bound hand sewn affair? Any choice is good as long as it reflects you as an individual and you are happy with it.

Here are the steps for making a great weight loss scrapbook:

1) Head down to your local arts and crafts store to stock up on materials. Start with buying yourself the book to make your scrapbook with, this can be any size but make sure it’s big enough to put lots of photos so you can amaze yourself with your transformation. Get lots of brightly colored spare pages that you can easily put into your scrapbook, you want to make sure you don’t run out of space! Lastly get yourself some stencils and stickers to help write motivating messages to yourself to help you though the rough patches.

2) Start decorating the cover for your scrapbook, start with a good motivational title to keep you going and keep it colorful and eye-catching. Put some stickers or badges all around with motivational messages to help cheer you up just by looking at it.

3) The first page is perhaps the hardest, but all journeys have a starting point and this is yours. Put a recent picture of yourself on the front with your weight and measurements and why you want to lose weight, this first page is your motivation to keep going and strive towards getting a healthier body so make sure it’s a good one!

4) The next page should be a set of goals that you plan to accomplish along your way; small simple steps are the best. Goals such as doing 1 hour at the gym on a weekend or eating smaller healthier meals will not only help you achieve your ideal weight, they will make great additions to your scrapbook as you can fill it full of pictures of delicious new food you have tried or workouts that leave you feeling great about yourself.

5) So now you have your scrapbook started it’s time for your weight loss pages to begin! Whether you will be adding new pages weekly, monthly or whenever the mood strikes you is just fine, just don’t give up on your goal.

Remember that at first it’s important to not only document your successes but also any failures or hard points along the way. Reading these at a later date may just help you steer clear of another negative day. Fill your pages full of pictures of new food that you have tried when eating out and recipes of new food you have made yourself.

Every so often include a picture of yourself to show how much weight you have lost and how much better your body looks, sometimes seeing yourself in the mirror each day it’s difficult to see the changes but seeing pictures of yourself from month to month will definitely let you see how far you’ve come.

Also, have a spare space to jot down little thoughts that come to your mind or even discount coupons for vitacost or other supplement companies. Write down a URL or two that might come handy at some point.

6) The final step – don’t give up! Sometimes we all get knocked back in life but the key is to persevere. When you achieve your goals remember to share your success with friends and family and always encourage them to do the same, scrapbooking is about having fun and having something that you can show and be proud of.


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