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How An Addiction Can Rob You Of Your Independence

Updated on August 13, 2013

Losing Your Independence

Being addicted to alcohol or any drug for that matter can stop you from doing many things that you could have done by being sober.

When being addicted to either, they will rob you of your independence, meaning if you have had too much to drink of have done over your limit in drugs, but know that you can not drive while under the influence, you are stuck where you are.

There are many alcoholics, such as myself that may drink too much, but they do it with some what of a responsibility knowing that they can not go out and drive, so that leaves them asking fro a ride or take me here or there.

How an addiction can rob you of your independence is quite simple. Here is just a short little story of how my independence was taken from me while I was under the influence of alcohol.

I drank the night away running short on beer and knew that I could not go out and drive my car to get more beer to finish off the night, so I would ask my wife or children to drive me to the local liquor store to restock. This never went well when I would ask for a ride to the liquor store.

Even though I drank too much I had at least the smarts not to drink and drive, but for many other people addicted to alcohol they lose their ability to think proper and they just get in the car and drive to the liquor store on their own, risking their life and the lives of innocent people.

For myself, and others that know it is wrong to drink and drive lose their independence because of the alcohol or drugs that we have consumed that day or evening stopping us from what we wanted to do. We are stuck in a place because we have let our addiction take control.

Please Don't Drink and Drive - Be Responsible


The Horrific Results of Drinking and Driving

Chained to Your Addiction


The pictures to the right are the results of not drinking responsible and making bad decisions when you lose your independence, but chose to go out anyway regardless of your intoxicated self.

So feel that they do not deserve to lose their independence do to their drinking or using and thus for making a huge mistake that will change not only their life, but a innocent person of families life as well.

What I learned by depending on others to take me for a beer run or to get smokes was that I was totally embarrassed of the fact I was not able to hold me own because the thing that did hold me was my addiction to alcohol.

I then bought enough beer and smokes before starting out on my date with my demons and made sure there was enough to hold me for the night. This way I would not have to depend on anyone. What a crying shame that is, but i refused to drink and drive which was one of the good sides of me. I valued my live and others as well and did not want to put anyone in harms way do to my addiction.

But, that is no excuse for my actions and not standing up to my addiction and surrendering because I was just not ready, and when I was ready, my body told me so.

I Surrender

October 27, 2009, I surrendered to my addiction to alcohol and couldn't be more happy. I have regained my independence and I am feel to come and go as I please without depending on others and not worrying about hurting myself or others.

Sobriety is a wonderful thing and when you decide to become clean and sober on and for all, you will be so excited and proud of yourself that you have had enough and you have gotten your life back from the evil demons that have run and ruined your past years of life and not to mention your family and friends too.

I have now taken full control of my life and how I want to run it and not having the addiction run it for me.

Stay Positive, Stay focused on staying clean and sober. Love yourself enough to stay clean and sober and believe me your life will be as you want it and all of your dreams that you once had will start to come true. Believe in yourself and keep telling yourself that nothing or no one will stand in your way of your sobriety!

God Bless all that are struggling with an addiction. Ask for help and find your new life!

© 2011 Mark Bruno


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