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How Athletes Benefit From Hyperbaric Chambers

Updated on November 7, 2011

Why is Oxygen Important?

More and more athletes today are realizing the importance of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Many of them have recovered from their sports related injury after being treated in hyperbaric chambers. All athletes are familiar with the frustration they experience when they are prevented from playing their favorite sports due to an injury. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy ensures that the injury is healed faster and efficiently.

Example of a Portable Hyperbaric Chamber


Athletes That Swear By Them

More and more athletes are making sure that they have access to a hyperbaric chamber. Famous Irish Olympian runner Karen Shinkins uses it as does Olympic runner Sharon Seagrave. In fact hyperbaric oxygen therapy is becoming so popular that many athletes are using portable hyperbaric oxygen chambers. Professional football star Darren Sharper owns one and uses it in his home. The model that he uses is a portable one and this ensures that he is able to take it with him when he travels with this team.
Many athletes use it not simply to get their injuries to heal faster but also to get an overall feeling of wellness. Darren Sharper is known to use his hyperbaric oxygen chamber daily for two or three hours and he claims that he feels more rested and more relaxed in the morning.
Many athletes use the hyperbaric chamber as an alternative to altitude training or even blood replacement. Lance Armstrong, who is a seven times Tour de France winner, also uses a portable hyperbaric oxygen chamber. Many cyclists need to train at higher altitudes which lack oxygen. This develops the athlete’s lungs, increasing their capacity. There are medications that replenish oxygen supply in the blood, but these are banned in sporting events. Therefore, the hyperbaric chamber remain the most effective option.
The most famous personality to use hyperbaric chambers is probably Tiger Woods. He credits his rapid recovery from numerous injuries he sustained over the years to utilizing this therapy. “It (hyperbaric chamber) does help you heal faster and I did everything possible to heal faster,” said Tiger Woods at the 2010 Masters Tournament.
According to Daniel Rossignol, Medical Doctor and Hyperbaric Specialist, taking one hour of hyperbaric oxygen treatment is equal to taking 40 Motrin minus the toxic response. “You get increased oxygenation, decreased swelling and decreased inflammation, all from one treatment,” is what Dr. Rossignol has to say about this therapy. No wonder then, more and more athletes are benefiting from Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy and investing in hyperbaric chamber.

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