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How Bad Are Potato Chips

Updated on April 14, 2011

As we all know, potato chips are junk food. They aren't healthy by any measure of the word. But exactly how bad are they? Are they the worst food, or just bad? Should we get rid of them from our diet immediately, reduce them, or leave them till later? No really, how bad are potato chips?

I was going to go and buy some potato chips just now. Instead of doing so, I did the sort of thing I always do: I decided to write an article about them.

The Health Benefits Of Potato Chips

Potato chips have one positive aspect to them: they are a totally vegetarian, vegetable food. They have some fibre and some vitamins, and lack the horrible disease-promoting agents of animal foods (including cholesterol, saturated fat and a plethora of toxins). So I'd say that it's far better to quit eating meat and animal foods than it is to quit eating potato chips from time to time. Check out this article to read more about animal foods: Is Eating Meat Healthy

I'll also mention that there's a slight psychoactive effect in potatoes that can raise your mood if you're depressed. I think it's good to bear in mind and use it sparingly for this, but definitely don't get dependent on potato chips – and don't forget to heal the root cause as well as the symptoms of depression.


That's about where the positives end for potato chips though.

The Bad Aspects Of Potato Chips

The bad aspects of potato chips are as follows.

Potato chips are very high in fat, which can cause many health problems. It's recommended that you keep your dietary fat level at 15% of your calories or below – which is nigh-on impossible to do while still eating potato chips. Maybe if you ate them once a week and then had no fat for the rest of the week. But for those lacking in self control, perhaps the answer is just not to eat them.

The salt in potato chips is harmful too. It can irritate your digestive system in its crystalline form, and is of course somewhat harmful in itself.

The crunchy texture and high starch of potato chips make them hard on the digestive system. If you have them, it's best to combine them with lots of salad or vegetables to ensure an easier digestive process.

Finally potato chips are bad because they have been cooked at very high temperatures, which causes large-scale destruction of the nutrients in the food and brings about toxic chemicals such as AGEs.

How Bad Are Potato Chips

I'd say that potato chips are bad and worth eliminating from your diet. However, some foods are worse, so it's best to prioritise. Currently I eat some potato chips, but I avoid meat, animal foods, and gluten. I find that occasional fried food is far less bad for me than gluten or meat.

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    • Andrew Gubb profile image

      Andrew Gubb 6 years ago from Barcelona, Spain

      Thanks! ^^

    • Simone Smith profile image

      Simone Haruko Smith 6 years ago from San Francisco

      Oh, but they're so good!!! And salty! And crispy!

      ... that said, I don't eat any. Good Hub!

    • Andrew Gubb profile image

      Andrew Gubb 6 years ago from Barcelona, Spain

      thanks! and you're welcome :)

    • kafsoa profile image

      kafsoa 6 years ago

      This hub is really healthy;)Thanks for information.