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How Being Positive Can Help You

Updated on August 1, 2011

Being Positive

I have a brain tumor and diabetes, as well as many more medical problems. I often sit on my front porch and at times feel depressed over my condition. One day I saw a man coming down my street escorted by a friend. He had a very irregular gait and I believed that he must have had a medical problem like Cerebral Palsy. Each day at about the same time this fellow walked down my street. It took him a lot of effort as he struggled to keep his footing. As I watched this person having such a difficult time of just walking, I realized that I was very fortunate to be able to walk and go fishing, write, and paint pictures for my enjoyment. I thought about not only this individual, but many others that I had worked with in my Special Needs Classes over the twenty-five year time span in which I taught. How many of those with difficulty in their movement had faced the challenges with a smile on their faces and joy in their hearts. These memories have given me hope and more grit in facing my own problems over the years.

I've learned first hand that being positive results in more victories than defeats. It's all too easy to give up and wash our hands of a situation that may seem impossible to deal with in our lives. Winston Churchill said it best when he told his people in WWII not to give in..never give in. His people listened to him and our own military listened as well. Of course this brought about the defeat of a massive and determined enemy. I've heard of cases of people facing cancer being positive and never giving up in their battle with many diseases. Many of these people have overcome their illnesses and lived a long and happy life. Many doctors were perplexed as to how they did this. Some of the folks that have been ill have actually lived much longer than they were told to expect to live just because they would not give up and were determined to survive for as long as they could.

There are some things that each of us can do to help us live each day on a more cheerful note. Take a regular walk on days when the weather is agreeable. Take up a fun hobby such as art or crafts. Some classes may be offered in your area. The chamber of commerce most likely can tell you when and where. Go fishing with a pal or family members. Go to shows or swap meets. Enjoy visiting yard sales in your town. Take up writing and talk with friends on the internet. Watching T.V. can be fun but should be limited because there are many more fun activities that we can take part in each day. Volunteer for duty in the Salvation Army or help out at a local hospital. There are always many voluntary roles we can play in our communities.All we have to do is ask the hospital, church, or local schools where they are always in need of assistance, I've found that giving of myself is one of the greatest ways I have in feeling good and take every opportunity to help those in need. The key to it all is helping others and you cannot help but reap the benefits for yourself in the process.

Sometimes you have to tell yourself that you can get through that day. Always know that any bad situation will pass on and be left behind, as it should be done. Tomorrow is a new day and a better day. Seek happiness and you will find it. Our worries and fears are there, but with prayer and devotion to others, we can overcome anything. Live on the positive side and see if things don't get a lot better.


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    • Woman7 profile image

      Woman7 6 years ago

      Really enjoyed your article and it is so true.Thank you Rhonda