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How Being the First at Something Brings Recognition and Reward

Updated on June 19, 2017

Being first in your profession, whatever it may be, will bring you to the head of the crowd and make you an authority in your niche. Your peers will give you honor and praise and your creativity and innovation will bring you recognition and reward.

However, if you are the type of person who casually performs your duties and responsibilities, you will most likely stay at the same low level of achievement. Your job routines will include a sequence of sameness day in and day out. Boredom will likely be your closet ally.

Top performers desire to be first at something. Their qualities include:

  • Industriousness
  • Initiative
  • Sense of ownership
  • Dedication to excellence
  • Perseverance
  • Faith
  • Purpose driven

To become first in your profession, you must increase your creativity and innovativeness. Start by obtaining a great in-depth of knowledge of your field.

Depth of Knowledge

When you want to master anything, you must acquire in-depth knowledge, skills, and awareness designed put you on top of the mountain. Complete mastery requires you to overturn every informational stone available. You must know the latest research and the best practices. Not only this, you must strive to add valuable insights to what has already known by the top experts in your field of study.

Top performers are always researching and watching out for latest trends. They are the first to find out about a new strategy or approach to delivering a higher quality of service to customers.

Brand Development

You must know your brand better than anyone else. For example, to improve your brand and make life easier for the customer, you must consider all the features and benefits your product or service already offer customers.

Improving your brand may include adding a more efficient feature, a quicker method of delivery, or a more mobile way of accessing a product.

Becoming Number One

Do You Have Dreams of Becoming the Best at What You Do?

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Enjoy discovering innovative ways to develop your brands. A passionate approach to creativity is the key that unlocks it.


Nothing great can be accomplished but by consistent application. What stops must people and companies from achieving greatness is that they give up too soon. When the ongoing ups and downs of business, as well as life, come knocking at the door, most throw in the towel and start an entirely new endeavor. They are inconsistent.

What is so effective about consistency is that it isn’t moved to the contrary by hard challenges, set-backs, bad breaks, and letdowns. Studies show that great people and organizations thrive through tough times by keeping an elevated level of consistency.

Imitative Distance

When you attempt to be first at something, your goal is to make it hard for your competitor to imitate you. For example, if you look at the top athletes of yesteryear, who still stand out in the crowd, they displayed skills that are difficult to imitate by many of today’s modern players. The secret to their success was demanding work and the determination to be the best at what they do.

The same goes for the greats in every profession, including movie stars, musicians, actors, and comedians.

When the record of an icon is broken or exceeded, you better believe that the record breaker or who excelled worked equally hard or harder than his or her icon.

Continual Practice of Brainstorming

It is a practice which never gets old: brain storming. Being the first takes a constant discovery and entertaining of innovative ideas. Brain storming is so significant that entire groups are gathered just for the sake of coming up with creative and unique ideas.

A Matter of Willingness

Are You Willing to Do Whatever It Takes to Become Number One?

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Organizations looking to promote their brand often gather people from every departmental level to come up with innovative strategies and approaches to improving sells of their products and services in the market place.

According to studies, the activity of brainstorming has produced a unique ideas than any other way discovery and research. Such treasure of ideas comes from the imagination and the depth of experience which individuals often think has long been lost.

The Bottom Line

Being the first at something must become your top priority if you desire to rise to the top of your organization or industry. Stagnation and sameness is an invitation to failure and a ton of missed opportunities for success. Therefore, you must sustain the practice of creativity and innovation if you want to outwit the competition.


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