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How Can I Get Better Sleep

Updated on November 1, 2012
Sleepless Nights?
Sleepless Nights? | Source

How can you get a better sleep you ask? Believe it or not there are many natural ways to get a better nights sleep. Getting the sleep your body needs will in turn give you more energy to get through your day.

The first thing you need to do is make sure your diet consists of vitamins B3 and B6. These vitamins help your body make melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone made by a small gland in the brain called the pineal gland. Melatonin not only helps regulate your sleep but it is also an antioxidant that helps fight cancer and heart disease.

Some Items That Contain:

B3 - Chicken, Turkey, Fish, Apricots, Peanut Butter, Peanuts, Whole Grain Cereals

B6 - Bananas, Avocados, Potatoes, Watermelon, Cantaloupe, Sunflower Seeds

There are also some foods that contain melatonin:

Cherries, Sweet Corn, Tomatoes, Ginger

Next, make sure you have enough fiber in your diet. Fiber will give you the energy you need to get things done so your body can unwind when it is time for bed.

Some Items That Contain Fiber:

Fruits like Apples, Pears, Peaches - don't ditch the skin that is where the fibers at

Whole Grains, Oats, Popcorn

Vegetables like Carrots, Beans, Peas

Then, make sure you focus on clearing your mental stress before bedtime. We all have those bad days where we are just mentally overworked. For a tired brain try some chicken broth. Make you some chicken soup and sit back and relax. One of my favorites is a hot cup of chamomile or sleepy time tea. Sip on your cup of tea while reading one of your favorite books or magazine. You can also try some lavender.The smell of lavender is calming and soothing. You can find all forms of lavender such as for your bath, body lotion, aromatherapy oils, and even lavender tea.

So there you have it, some natural ways to get a better night sleep. These are some very easy things to do. Make an effort each day to make some changes and keep these healthy tips as a routine in your day to start having better sleep and more energy.


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    • TnTgoodrich profile image

      TnTgoodrich 5 years ago

      Thanks Mary I love having natural ways to get to sleep. Enjoy sleeping :)

    • profile image

      Mary 5 years ago

      Some good and helpful information....Hopefully, I will sleep tight from now on...:-)

    • TnTgoodrich profile image

      TnTgoodrich 5 years ago


      Your welcome! With all that you do I can understand why LOL Get you some well deserved rest :)

    • TnTgoodrich profile image

      TnTgoodrich 5 years ago


      Thanks ~ Being full time mommas we need to get good sleep to be energized to keep going and going :)

    • daborn7 profile image

      daborn7 5 years ago from California

      Great hub..thanks for sharing..I think my melatonin is completely havent seen an 8 hour night in years..or even 7 for that matter.

    • LoriSoard profile image

      LoriSoard 5 years ago from Henryville, Indiana

      Was just asking about this. Good points. Going to try some of these.