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How Can I Get My Hair To Grow Faster

Updated on September 2, 2012

How Can I Get My Hair To Grow Faster

Progressive hair loss is something that most of us guys have just accepted as a fact of life. So much so, that only rarely does anyone take a serious time-out and weigh their options. Happily for us, in this day and age we finally have options -- real, cost-efficient and accessible options.

In this article I will attempt to briefly and concisely outline what modern-day options are available for both men and women with regards to hair growth. However, bear in mind that you should rule out other causes of hair loss before proceeding (we'll go over those too), or you may see little or no effect in the long-term.

Without further ado we'll start with some basic facts in order to narrow our objectives and work our way to discussing, from the cheap to the expensive, how quickly and fully you can expect your hair to growth back (and it will).

Hair Loss Triggers

Androgenic Alopecia is a genetic condition, but other triggers that can cause temporary or permanent hair loss include:

  • Certain medications.
  • A hormone imbalance.
  • Lack of Iron.
  • Thryoid problems (underactive).
  • Skin disease.

Other common causes of hair loss include:

  • Alopecia Areata - Characterized by bald spots, but can spread.
  • Anagen Effluvium - Exposure to radiation or chemicals.
  • More...

When in doubt, a doctor will be of great use in suggesting targeted advice on regression and hair care for almost all of these conditions.

Pattern Baldness

Statistically speaking, four out of seven of us receive the "baldness gene", which leads to what is called male or female pattern baldness or Androgenic alopecia.

Symptoms can begin as early as the end of puberty and is characterized in men by the thinning of hair around the temples, which becomes more pronounced as time goes by. In women (and occasionally also in men) androgenic alopecia does not cause the hairline to recede, rather it thins the entire scalp in a generalized way.

This article is designed to offer people who are afflicted by pattern baldness an array of options, and not other forms of hair loss (described right), which may require specific and targeted forms of treatment. If you aren't sure what the root cause of your hair loss is, consider the following characteristics of traditional pattern baldness:

  • Hair loss begins at the hairline and progresses naturally towards an "M" like shape.
  • Hair loss is gradual and can often begin as early as in your late teens or early twenties.
  • Balding at the top of the head.
  • Itching or redness may precede hair loss.

Even in the case of common pattern baldness, there are some external (non-genetic) triggers that can exacerbate the situation. For more information, please read the text to the right.

Natural Ways To Treat Hair Loss

How can I get my hair to grow back faster? Let's try the natural way first, correcting our diet and looking at natural supplements.

  • Cutting high fat, high protein diets down to recommended doses (the western world has a far higher incidence of baldness for precisely this reason).
  • Correcting mineral and vitamin deficiencies by taking supplements.
  • Frequent Massaging can improve circulation and consequently boost hair growth.
  • Exercise can aid growth and prevent loss due to the improvement in blood circulation.
  • Mixing alma and lime juice together and using them as a shampoo is said to be work very well to help hair growth (I have no direct experience with this).

While there are a great number of suggested home remedies, most will not actively help you grow your hair back (but could delay or halt hair loss), but may correct poor nutrition and help your body strike a better balance with regards to hair loss. For more targeted remedies consider some FDA approved hair loss treatments which have become wildly popular on the market (we're talking 100% over-the-counter here).

Hair Loss Products

Minoxidil is an FDA approved vasodilator that is used by several popular brands to combat hair loss by increasing circulation to the scalp. Due to how easy these products are to use, and thanks to their over the counter nature, they are becoming increasingly widespread solutions to hair loss. Let's take a peek at some major contemporary brands and what they offer:

  • Rogaine (minoxidil) - They offer scented foams for men and women (that you apply to areas where hair loss is occurring) and promise a 4 month hair regrowth time frame.
  • Propecia (finasteride) - A male only solution to pattern baldness taken in tablet form daily. As with Rogaine, therapy needs to be maintained indefinitely (hair can begin to shed 6-12 months after stopping).

Important: Both ingredients have side-effects, be sure to check thoroughly before considering them as a solution!

Hair Transplant Surgery

In conclusion, I feel it would be remiss of me to neglect hair transplantation as an option. Nowadays, hair transplants are very seamless and natural -- but can be prohibitively expensive for many (certainly for me).

Tests and costs of the procedure can tally upwards of $10,000 per session (on average $5-6 per hair graft with 1000-2000 grafts needed). For those who are not burdened by a tight budget and are looking for a comprehensive, speedy solution -- hair transplant surgery might be the ticket.

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    • profile image

      cost  of hair replacement  

      7 years ago

      I never read this type of article before. I appreciate you for the article you have written. Thanks.

    • profile image


      7 years ago from USA

      A lot of guys certainly need this information. I found it interesting to see what transplant costs are. It's high!


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