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How Can Ionized Water Help You?

Updated on February 21, 2010
The 7 Plate Genesis Water Ionizer
The 7 Plate Genesis Water Ionizer

What Is Ionized Water?

Ionized water, alkalized water, kangen water; you've probably heard the terms, but may not know or understand exactly what they mean. So what do these terms mean, and what is all the hype? Ionized water is basically electrically-charged water, its purpose is to help maintain the balance within our own bodies, the balance between alkaline & acid. The average American diet is too acidic, which leads to many health-related problems, such as: digestive problems, headaches, overweight, bone pains, elimination issues, muscle tension and pain, heart problems, high blood pressure, and the list goes on.

How Does Ionized Water Maintain The Body's Balance?

Ionized water hydrates the body up to three times more than regular water. The minerals in the water are negatively charged, making them much easier for your body to absorb. Because of the poor diet of many Americans, in addition to the stress of work, family & daily life, our body's alkaline/acid levels are severely affected. Ionized water helps to flush the excess acid build-up from our system, having an immediate detoxifying effect & helping us to achieve a healthier alkaline balance.

Countless Medical Studies Have Proven The Benefits Of Ionized Water

There's simply too much information about ionized water to share in this short article. We all need to do a little homework on our own, and decide for ourselves if this is something which can really benefit us. To learn more, please visit the link below.

Testimonial: Dr. Peiper and Ronnie Ruiz


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