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How Can The Alcoholic Ruin A Family

Updated on June 14, 2010

Everyone in the world has something unique about themselves and their life. We are all different in every way. We all have interest in many different things and live our lives our own way.

Some of us just make it in life no matter what we do or say with no obstacles in our way and no road blocks. They just sail through life with no problem at all.

Than again there are those unfortunate folks that started off on the right path in life but for some reason they get detoured down the wrong path in life.

Some can not handle the ups and downs that life has to offer so they steer towards drugs or alcohol thinking that this is the solution to their problems. Little do they know that if they don't have the willpower or the strength to control their intake of the drug of choice it very well might lead them to an unfortunate addiction.

In today's day in age we are seeing such young children being affected by the use of drugs and alcohol, maybe because of their family life, peer pressure and all the things that are thrown to them at a young age.

We the adults have our own adult problems, some of which maybe our children and then there is our economy today and all the pressures of lack of work, no jobs, unemployed, bills, and no money to pay for all these things.

So in turn we start to abuse the alcohol to think we will fix our problem. It is not going to work doing it this way. We then get frustrated and drink even more and then take it out on the ones that love us and care for us.

We don't do this to them on purpose, it's just that we use them like our whipping post and we do not realize what harm we are causing them and what might happen to the family if we continue on the way we are.

No one wants to live with an alcoholic, but we have dedicated our lives with our spouse and family and we just hang in there in hopes that the alcoholic will see the light and ask for help and surrender to their addiction.

So when there is alcoholism in a family who really suffers?.

These are just a few things why an alcoholic can ruin a family so, when we are down and out try different ways to cope with your problem rather than head to the bottle or a drug because believe me it will not fix the problem at all, in fact it just makes things far worse then they really are.

Think positive in everything you do in life and life will seem to get easier for you.  Never have any negative thoughts always positive ones.

Believe in yourself and believe and love your family because when we get older in life our family is all we have, so cherish them and love them and if you do have an addiction just ask for help and when you do your life will change for the better.

Life can not get any better than this.
Life can not get any better than this.

When you are down and out just think of all the beautiful things that life has to offer.  Take it all in and remember what the outcome may be when addicted to alcohol.  This is what you might miss out on and never be able to see again.


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    • profile image

      jenny72 7 years ago

      My brother was a alcoholic,but been clean for 20 years now.Very good hub page. Thank you