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The Best Way We Can Help Our Young People

Updated on November 11, 2016

We Must Love and Protect Our Young People

Will our children survive this world?
Will our children survive this world? | Source
How can we protect our innocent children?
How can we protect our innocent children?

Are Young People Being Destroyed By Our Constitutional Freedoms

aWe have the privilege of having so many #freedoms. Our founding fathers gave us freedom of speech, freedom to carry guns and the list goes on and on. These freedoms are a blessing in some hands and a danger in others. Consider seriously, how a young man has the freedom to go into a store, buy a gun, along with enough bullets to terrorize a community. We are in a vicious cycle of freedoms that are destroying our young people.

On the news program CBS This Morning, author Malcolm Gladwell, wrote about #Florida's Nightclub attack, shooting rampage. One of the news correspondents stated, "There has been 140 plus shootings like this and it is only June." Gladwell, went on to explain, "These subcultures are feeding off each other. They are referencing material, they are watching on #YouTube videos. In a case I wrote about this kid was immersing himself in these obscure websites about #Columbine and watching videos about how to build bombs and comparing himself to previous shooters. So it is very hard for the rest of society to penetrate that world." Our children are watching what we do and say and they are imitating what they see. The violence adults promote through movies, television and video games are infiltrating the minds of our young people.

Presidential candidates #Donald Trump and #Hillary Clinton, continue to search for solutions regarding #gun control. Elected officials continuously debate about the issue of gun control. It is obvious that something has to be done but there are no solutions at this time. Author Malcolm Gladwell also expressed, "I think gun control has a place but lets not kid ourselves that if we past the strictest gun control in the world, that we would end this particular kind of behavior." The desire to view violence is part of the imperfection each of us experience as human beings. We must be determined to fight this desire by applying genuine love for each other. In God's word the Bible, Jesus gave the perfect solution at John 13:34, "I am giving you a new commandment, that you love one another, just as I have loved you, you also love one another." (NWT of the Holy Scriptures) If this love is genuinely applied, there would be no need for guns or any form of weapons.

The April 20th, 1999 school shooting and mass murder, in #Columbine, Colorado resurfaced on the popular television series #ABC20/20. Diane Sawyer, finally spoke with the mother of Dylan Klebold, one of the mass murderers. More than seventeen years have passed as Sue Klebold, remained silent. How sad for the victims which included her son Dylan as well as his co-conspirator Eric Harris, that no solid answers or explanations were given. #Diane Sawyer, went on to explain how this type of massacre on innocent victims has increased since Columbine. "We reviewed cases over the years and a number of young shooters per year have more than doubled since Columbine."

Mary O'toole, former FBI Profiler explained how this generation of young people today is "A generation raised on violent video games and movies." O'toole, also stated, "Especially, since after Columbine, there is a steady stream of assaults. Law enforcements says 50 rampage school shootings and ABC news estimated at least 79 thwarted plots. More than half of them mentioning Columbine." Was evil involved, asked Sawyer?

The freedom abused by Jared Loughner, was used to take the life of innocent victims. Nine year old Christina Taylor Green was born on #9/11, another day of major tragedy. Sadly, her life was taken by another heart wrenching tragedy. How sad to think that Christina, came into this world during terrorist acts and left this world under another terrorist act. How could we have stopped such a tragic event? Are our freedoms destroying us and our children? The young gunman should have never had the freedom to purchase a gun, especially since he was mentally unstable. Many individuals commented on his horrific mental state. Yet no one helped Jared, including his parents. With the proper help, this young gunman would not have fallen through the cracks of this system. Free to kill and maim. Some adult should have cared for him, then may be Christina and the five others would still be alive.

How can we help protect our young people today? By applying the teachings of Jesus Christ based on pure love. To have enough love for our neighbors that we would not need freedoms to purchase guns. Our children are in so much danger today, because of the violence they see on television and the internet. Some adults, have placed such tremendous focus on making money. Their concern is not for the protection of our young people. They expose children to such things as what the young gunman viewed on YouTube entitled, "Let the bodies hit the floor." This was a source of inspiration for the young killer. Why would this type of information even be available on the internet? Once again the freedom of speech may have contributed to the death of innocent people. Congresswoman Gifford's life is in jeapardy because a young man did not receive the help he needed. We can help our young people by listening to them and being there for them. Someone should have been there for this young man. If someone had taken a genuine interest, this catastrophe may not have ever happened. This vicious cycle of freedoms through speech and the right to purchase a gun, has come back to haunt us. Still it is not too late to change. If we do not, our children will continue to be destroyed by our own freedoms. Our madcap system has placed young ones in danger. Adults have choices that the young and innocent do not have. It is up to us as their parents to protect them.

We survived as a human race before all these freedoms became so deadly. Television, the internet, weapons and pure #hatred is destroying our world. Our young people look to adults to protect and teach them. We are failing terribly. Adults can clearly see that we cannot direct on own footsteps based on Jeremiah 10:23 . The Bible gives us clear warnings on how when we try to direct our own steps, we will fail. Our creator gives us instructions through the Bible. It encourages us to abhor what is bad. When we do this as adults, a pattern is set for our children. Our young people can learn to love and avoid badness based on the example we set as adults. Just because we received all these freedoms from our founding fathers hundreds of years ago; it does not mean that these freedoms are good for us today. These freedoms have caused so many loss of lives because of their misinterpretation and abuse.

We can break free from these demonic practices that expose our children, to the pure madness of the world. We must remember that our Grand Creator Jehovah, is watching what we do and how we treat our children. Their innocence obligates us to do what is right. The World Youth Report 2003 expressed this interesting point, "Young people are in the process of establishing a sense of identity in what is essentially an insecure world, and this underlying instability may serve to magnify the tensions and lack of control they experience on a daily basis." Our love for them should help adults provide that security and stability young people desperately need. After all, they deserve the opportunity to be protected and given the direction that will enable them to become adults one day as well. When we feed them all of this violence and our children immitate it in real life; we must blame ourselves as well. Children often copy or duplicate what they see their parents do. We must set the proper example for our young ones to follow. Our good example along with love and concern for young ones, may save not only their lives but our life as well. We are all in this together. Change is needed, if our young ones are to survive.


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    • snapcracklepop profile image

      Jackie 16 months ago

      You're welcome sis. My username: snapcracklepop, reflects the sound of my bones popping at times if I turn a certain way. Lol! :D Yes, we have enjoyed the WT on marriage as well as our public talk dealing with seeing ourselves in the new world and we are looking forward to more information on how to have a successful marriage.....You and yours my sister, also take care (Ruth 2:12)

    • profile image

      angelladywriter 16 months ago

      Thank you and I love your code name snapcracklepop. I know that you enjoyed your meeting on Sunday because that Watchtower was soooo powerful as the majority of them are. We truly have an abundance of spiritual food that is so spiritually uplifting to us daily. Continue to enjoy your meetings and your service to Jehovah.

      Please take care my sister.

    • snapcracklepop profile image

      Jackie 16 months ago

      You are very welcome sis. I was thinking how beautiful and refreshing the worldwide unity we have within Jehovah's organization (1st Corinthians 1:10). What a blessing! Speaking the "pure language" helps us identify "one of our own" no matter what part of the earth or side of the earth we live on, so to speak....Good night/early morning sis, it is very early here in Michigan. We're on EST time. Our meeting for today is at 12:30, and I'm looking forward to our public talk and the WT on "Marriage-Its Origin And Purpose"! :D

      You have brought up an interesting point about people not just acknowledging Jesus, but also, the real need in loving, acknowledging, and coming to know our Creator and heavenly Father Jehovah, who is a God full of "undeserved kindness"....Enjoy your meeting my friend and sister and have a spiritually refreshing day, complements of Jehovah :D

    • profile image

      snapcracklepop 16 months ago

      Your words were so on point. Thanks again for your insightful thoughts. I can tell that you love people and just want the best for them which is to come to know the truth about Jehovah God and his precious son Jesus Christ.

      As Jehovah's people, we pray constantly that people will not just recognize the son Jesus but acknowledge our Grand Creator Jehovah as well. Satan has worked diligently to mislead so many people. I am thankful that the preaching work continues because Jehovah desires everyone to be saved. In harmony with God's love, we will continue to work in the ministry to preach about Jehovah God's glorious kingdom that is ruled by our King and Lord, Jesus Christ.

      Thanks again snapcracklepop for your words of inspiration.

    • snapcracklepop profile image

      Jackie 16 months ago

      Oooh Angelladywriter, I appreciate you saying those kind words. And you are welcome. Yes my friend, people need to know about our loving heavenly Father Jehovah and the awe-inspiring, unprecedented blessings that He has in store for obedient mankind.....This "search and rescue", God given assignment, that Jehovah's servants are privileged to carry out is very fulfilling and encouraging, for it helps us to stay focused on the new world and builds our love, faith and appreciation for our God, Jehovah and our dear neighbors.

      There will be many who will not listen to the message of the good news that we bring to them and that's there choice. We, Jehovah's Witnesses, are not in the business of forcing others to listen to us. The beautiful thing however Angelladywriter, is that they have been served notice by our presence, whether they listen to us or not. Whether they open their doors or not, they have been served notice. They know it's us, because they see us through their peep holes and windows. They see us walking down their street or road when they drive by or walk by us. Mentally in their mind, they say the words: "It's those JW's". Now, they can never say when Jehovah brings Satan's wicked system of things to an end, that they never had a chance or an opportunity to find out about the good news concerning God's Kingdom, because we are everywhere earth wide.

      Many people who pray the "Lord's Prayer" at Matthew 6:9,10 know it by heart. They can recite that prayer word for word, yet they truly do not know what they are asking for. They do not know the true and real significance of those words. When they say the words in verse 10: "Let your Kingdom come. Let your will take place, as in heaven, also on earth.", they don't realize that they are asking Jehovah to rid the earth of all wickedness and if they are not on Jehovah's side, they too themselves, will be destroyed right along with this wicked world. They in essence may be praying for their own death if they do not come to know and obey the true God Jehovah. How profoundly sad. Lives are at stake and you and I and our dear brothers and sisters, our whole "association of brothers", are so very privileged to share the message of "good things to come..." with other honest-hearted ones. What a marvelous humbling experience of sharing in this God assigned lifesaving work.

      It is very refreshing and heartwarming to correspond with you Angelladywriter. I too look forward to reading your encouraging thoughts and insights as well.

    • Angelladywriter profile image

      Claudette Coleman Carter 16 months ago from Media, Pennsylvania

      Hi snapcracklepop

      Thank you so much for your encouraging and spiritually uplifting words. I totally agree with you that things have gotten much worse not only for our children but all of mankind.

      I constantly pray for God's kingdom at Matthew 6:9, 10 that Jesus taught us to pray for. Under this kingdom guns and violence will no longer exist. Neither will sickness, death, pain or sorrow. Our grand Creator Jehovah God wants this for all mankind. I can tell by your loving words you want what is best for all people as well. Our family desperately desires to see the world ruled by Jesus under that kingdom. That is why we try to tell as many people as we can about this wonderful hope for the future.

      Thank you snapcracklepop for you spiritual insight and loving words.

    • snapcracklepop profile image

      Jackie 16 months ago

      Angelladywriter, awesome post! I totally agree with you. Since the publishing of this post, things have gotten much worse for our children and young ones when it comes to others exercising their constitutional rights....No one thinks about the children and their right to live in an environment free from the threat of being hurt, maimed, or even worse, killed by gun fire.

      Sadly, and unfortunately no amount of legislation, petitions, or picketing will change peoples mind about their "right" to own a gun or a child's right when it comes to protection against accidental and non-accidental death from gun fire. It will take Divine intervention, a higher Power, Jehovah to make it safe for our children. Its a heart condition and mindset based on appreciation for God's Word that condemns gun violence as well as other kinds of violence against children, our little ones, teenagers and young adults. And just as you've stated "if people would only teach themselves and their children to respect life..." really there would be no need for guns. Yes, your post is very refreshing indeed, and it serves as a reminder to me and others of our faith, just how much we need God's Kingdom (Isaiah 2:4, Isaiah 11:9)

    • Cagsil profile image

      Cagsil 7 years ago from USA or America

      Hey Angelladywriter, If you're attempting to get rid of guns completely? You're insane, because that would mean that society and humanity were civilized. That isn't the case. I received your email and responded. I wasn't sure what hub you were referring to in your email, but realized you responded to this hub, when I checked out your name.

      Yes, there is a lack of love in the world- this is no doubt, but stop and THINK about it- 2/3 of the world's population is of some form of religious, either in life or in belief. This is the problem- why there isn't enough love in the world, because obviously people much rather lie to themselves and the rest of the world.

    • Angelladywriter profile image

      Claudette Coleman Carter 7 years ago from Media, Pennsylvania

      People, please stop making everything so complicated. If we don't, we will continue to spill the innocent blood of our children. We must teach them love and respect for themselves and others. Whether we base those teachings on the Bible or our own beliefs. There is too much lack of love and respect for others. We do not need guns and violence of any kind. When we truly start to understand that, the world will be a better place for us and our children.

    • Cagsil profile image

      Cagsil 7 years ago from USA or America

      Interesting article, but I don't think you have a grasp on the larger picture. I can see where you're coming from, but the path much easier traveled is through years, generation after generation, conscious responsibility and accountability, founded on education. It's not about whether or not freedoms are too much. It has more to do with ignorant people, doing ignorant things for ignorant reasons. I'm not making light of the tragedy that has befallen those people, but there is more to it, then just love from the teachings of Jesus.