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How Can We Measure Happiness?

Updated on January 12, 2015

It is human nature to have a desire to be happy and to live a happy life, yet it seems as though many people are not really sure how to be happy. Happiness comes in many forms and it is safe to say that things that make some people happy do not necessarily make others feel that way.

What Is Happiness?

In short, happiness is different for each and every individual. Perhaps that is what makes it seem so complicated. Many times the things that people think will make them happy turn out to make them feel very empty inside. Are there secrets that happy people possess or do they just have more luck than others? Perhaps it is all about positivity and the ability of individuals to put a positive spin on things regardless of what happens.

Things That Constitute Happiness

For the most part, the happiest people are those that are able to adapt to a wide variety of different situations and realize what is truly important to them regardless of what they might be going through at the particular moment. Many people think that certain things will make them happy but it appears that those who have truly found the secrets to happiness are the ones that always seem to be that way anyway. As a result, they are usually able to build the lives that they want and have good jobs and a happy marriage. They weather the same problems as everyone else, but it just seems like they handle them better and learn to understand what matters and what doesn't.

Some Things Just Can’t Buy Happiness

The thing about chasing happiness is that it is impossible to catch it. Happiness comes from deep inside and anyone that is searching for it outside of that realm is probably not going to find it. Many people think that having a lot of money will make them happy but they ultimately find that they feel just as empty after they have achieved that goal as they ever did. The thing about money is that it is only an object and having all the things in the world cannot make a person happy if they do not possess a sense of fulfillment within their own lives, especially regarding who they have become as human beings. Fulfilling a personal mission can fill that void, just as loving someone and being loved can. Money, on the other hand, cannot.


When it is all said and done, happiness is a quality that almost everyone wants, yet it seems to elude so many people. While it is true that the things that make one person happy may make another person miserable, the best way to find happiness is to listen when the soul speaks and then follow that advice. When it comes to money, marriage and virtually everything else, the only way that a person can ever truly be happy is to follow their heart and be true to themselves. This is the most reliable way to get happy and stay that way.


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