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How Can You Get Strep Throat

Updated on December 1, 2015

Strep Throat is a bacterial infection caused by Streptococcus pyogenes and can be very painful. Generally bacterial infections are more severe than viral infections and the same is true for strep throat too! Now the question is how can you get strep throat?

When a person who is infected with this problem sneezes or coughs, the airborne water droplets affect the person next to them. Using the same vessels that the infected person has handled, touching the doorknobs or handles, bathroom items can also be the cause of catching this infection very easily. But Is strep throat contagious ? Yes, It is a highly contagious infection and maintaining proper oral hygiene is a must for preventing this infection, at least to some extent.

The symptoms manifest themselves as a sore throat, high fever of above 101*F, pain in throat while swallowing, swelling of the lymph nodes and this infection is highly deceptive in that its symptoms occur only after 3-5 days of the actual contraction of the problem. Antibiotics are prescribed by doctors for treating this infection and this can help in preventing the germs from spreading to other organs of the body and also transmitting to another person, but the infection will run its own course for a period of 3-5 days, depending upon your immune system.

Small children are easily prone to strep throat infection as their immune systems are not fully developed. Educating them in hygiene makes sense and it applies to elders too. Using a tissue or closing your mouth while sneezing, washing hands with disinfectant soaps frequently can help in passing on these germs to others to some extent.

How Can You Get Strep Throat

How Can You Get Strep Throat
How Can You Get Strep Throat | Source

As to how can you get strep throat, the possibilities are numerous. Schools, clubs, social gatherings, day care centers, public parks or in general, any place where many people gather and it would be in the better interests of people if the infected person allows himself to be quarantined till he/she is completely cured. How can you get Strep Throat is particularly pertinent to children with tonsillitis problems as they are more prone to this infection very easily and may be forced to remove the tonsils in some extreme cases for preventing a further attack of this bacterium.

The best medicine is taking complete rest and proper medication at the right time, staying in quarantine, taking some vitamin supplements for immunity (with the advice of a doctor, of course!), eating proper meals to prevent any acidity due to the intake of antibiotics when taken on an empty stomach and the question how you can get strep throat is rhetorical because it is something that cannot be easily prevented with the necessity of interacting with people in almost every walk of life. Only some precautions can be taken that are stated above and if you do get infected, follow the disciplines listed above and wait for the infection to take its own course before healing.

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