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Would You Like to Learn Techniques to Help You Succeed?

Updated on August 3, 2017
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Tomi enjoys reading and learning about self-help or anything that helps her live a happier life. She enjoys helping others.

Negative Thoughts, Problems

Do you want to become more capable and achieve your goals?

Do you ever find yourself struggling with a problem, and when that problem gets resolved, another one pops up in your mind to replace it? I have noticed over the years, that I do that sometimes. It seems, I liked having something to worry about all the time for some reason. Having problems is what had become comfortable in my mind. Positive thinking has helped me to stop doing that as much over time.

Your mind shouldn't and doesn't need to be cluttered that way with constant problems. We should be able to have a sense of peace, calmness, and all is well. We should not relate back to our memory of negative thoughts. Life is now and not in the past or future. We sometimes get caught in an imaginary future. Just because something bad happened in the past, we think it will happen in the future. You can have a calmness in your mind without all the complications and without getting stuck on problems. Life should be simple.



Positive Thoughts, Releasing or Letting Go

The great thing about releasing or letting go is that you can do it whenever you want and as often as you want. You will receive more benefits internally the more you practice the techniques. Releasing will become easier if you just make it a habit and try to have fun with it.

You may not notice any big changes at first when trying it. You will notice that releasing your feelings can become quite natural over time. You will know you are doing it right when you notice a shift in how you feel. After awhile of releasing, you will notice that sometimes you can release instantly without asking yourself the whole set of questions provided in the book and even without trying as hard which is really neat.

What Does Releasing Feel Like?

These techniques will help free you from obstacles presented in your mind and will help you confront many problems. It can be a different experience for each person. People can feel an immediate sense of lightness or relaxation as they practice these techniques. That is what I have experienced with releasing negative emotions, feelings or thoughts. It seems my mind becomes more clear and I am able to come up with better ideas on things I'm thinking about. I seem to become more creative even with little things.

Be Calm, Make Peace With Your Past


Negative Emotions, Living with Internal Happiness

Negative emotions, thoughts, and feelings can keep you from performing at your best. Positive thoughts lead to positive actions, correct? This program helps you internally. It only involves you and nobody else. It helps you with how you react and feel towards others or other circumstances.

It can make you become more alert. It has seemed to help me in that area to be more aware of things. All of a sudden, ideas will just keep popping into my mind. It works best when you just concentrate on your feelings in the moment. You can gain positive changes. However, it may take longer to turn around on your main goal, but you will notice changes in other areas.

After much practice, you could begin releasing on stacks of feelings instead of just releasing on one at a time. It does become easier the more you practice.

Success, You Are In Charge of Your Own Happiness


Truth of Success

As you can see in the video below by an expert, Lissa Rankin, healing from the inside is the most important part of caring for your body. Yes, we sometimes need medicines and surgery first, but you can help yourself from the inside too. By doing this, perhaps, you can save yourself from further surgeries or having further medical problems.

Dr. Rankin expresses how we need to care for our mind, heart, soul, and our inner pilot light. Dr. Rankin states we are born with our inner pilot light and we die with this light. This light is our inner true selves. Sometimes, people don't need the medicines and the surgeries to help with their aches and pains. Also, Dr.Rankin states healing from the inside, being mentally healthy, self-healing from the core, can be better than any medicine or any doctor, wow!

Inner Peace by expert, Lissa Rankin, MD

Leading Mode of Sense

Most of us have a predominant way of sensing such as: sight, physical feeling or sound. You may want to figure out which way is best for you when asking the releasing questions; however, you may be able to benefit from using one of the three ways at different times. I feel I lead with my visual sense so I like using that when releasing such as letting go or dropping the pencil which represents your negative feeling. Maybe some people would visualize a knot in their stomach unraveling.

Others may lead with physical feeling so they may want to experience a feeling in their body first and then relax, open, and feel it leaving as they let go. Perhaps they would want to place their hand on their stomach.

Others that lead by sound may be able to just ask themselves the basic releasing questions which may be enough for them to release. Keeping in mind that they should not debate and only answer with yes or no to those releasing questions.

Support System

This method can be used in addition to other programs such as those programs for losing weight or helping with addictions. Combining this method with other programs can help you become more successful with those current programs you are already using. This method can help you stick with your current program by making it become easier to understand since this method helps you think more clearly.

These techniques can also help reduce stress and blood pressure too which can help you relax more. This method can be self-medicating; however, if you are presently involved in any form of treatment, you should not change your current treatment without first consulting with your healthcare provider.

Hale Dwoskin: Getting Rid of Bad Habits

Smile, Freedom Now


The Sedona Method

Do you think this method could help you become more successful?

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Further Reading

I hope these articles are giving you a better sense of what the Sedona Method is all about. The techniques are really helpful and can bring some peace and happiness to your busy life.

You can read more about these techniques in The Sedona Method book: The Sedona Method: Your Key to Lasting Happiness, Success, Peace and Emotional Well-being, by Hale Dwoskin

Please add any comments or questions below. Thank you for reading!

© 2017 Tomi Smith


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