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How Change Can Become Effective

Updated on August 16, 2012

How Change Can Become Effective

by Monica Ortega

Well, it's been awhile since I have written but am back...Been thinking about a lot of stuff regarding counsel. I have been now given the opportunity to counsel so it has been a great experience to be able to help others who have the same types of mental illnesses as I do and relate. I can't say every situation is the same because it's not every individual has their own individual identity and are dealt with precise individual counsel and respect.

I must admit that I really do love this career path because with my history I have so much to offer that I didn't think or ever thought I had. The same is for those who suffer mental illness you have so much to offer this world don't ever think you don't. We are capable of saving lives just by the simple fact of being in similar relational experiences, no they were not pleasant but I can now sit back and say, "you know what? I've been there it hurts and yes the pain never seems to go away, but there is hope." I believe we are all here for a purpose unknown.

I have been realizing that helping others can be an effective source for healing ourselves don't know if anyone has experienced this but we all write hubs and articles based off of experiences neat experiences or a piece of our life that is hard or hurtful. Putting it out there we are relating our concerns, love, joys, sadness and life experience for what? For the simple fact that it is a very rewarding feeling being able to get feedback knowing someone got something out of your article or hub.

Being understood helps motivate us to keep writing which can also bring healing. I am able to put on someone else's shoes and help out which can bring change in how we see things, how I see things. We all have something that is and can be useful not only for others but also for ourselves. I know it takes a lot of patience, love, concern, and time, a time of understanding, understanding others, understanding myself.

Just these past few weeks I have learned quite a bit about myself by helping others, things I did not see in myself before. The rewarding change I have seen in me has been very effective in the aspect of more healing and understanding on my part which is awesome! Thanks for reading, Monica Ortega


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