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Character analysis

Updated on February 12, 2017

According to the psychoanalytic perspective, character diagnosis is a huge part of the therapy process. Personality type can help professionals to categorize people based on the defense mechanisms that usually use. Most usual personality types are narcissistic, self-defeated, depressed, hypomanic, hysterical, dissociative, schizoid and obsessive-compulsive personalities. Please be careful! Having a depressed personality, for example, does not necessarily mean suffering from a depressive disorder. ¨Depressed personality type¨, as a term, describes the way that we avoid stressful situations in our life.

A right characterological diagnosis is crucial for the therapist. It helps the therapist to detect possible traumas in early life, predict reactions and focus treatment techniques. There is a plethora of psychoanalytic books that perfectly explain all character types and discuss the defence mechanisms in detail. ¨Psychoanalytic Diagnosis¨, written by Nancy MacWilliams, is a best-seller book that provides useful therapeutic techniques but it can also be an interesting tool for everyday life.

Understanding the notion of personality and its value can help us all, to understand and tolerate others behaviour. Character analysis can also be valuable for our interpersonal relationships, as it can help us understand and influence others behaviour, just by using our deep understanding. All people are different; but they have common ways to react, think and feel. Studying human behaviour can change your life!!!


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