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Gym Goals

Updated on March 9, 2017

Find Your Starting Point

People come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors. However you were built it is important to remember that you are who you are. There is nothing wrong with who you are. If you want to get into the gym and start making a better you, you will first have to accept yourself for who you are. Then you will know where you stand and you can start heading in the direction of where you'd like to be. Do not worry about what others may think of or say to you unless it is positive and helps enforce your goal toward a better you. You do not have to be an Olympic bodybuilder or the next top model to feel successful with your efforts. Set yourself a realistic goal and stick to it. Even if you cannot uphold your gym routine on a consistent basis, obey the routine as much as possible. Don't quit on yourself before ever giving yourself a chance and you will see or feel improvement.


Muscle Building

If you're a thinner person try to watch what you eat but not how much you eat. You are trying to build muscle mass and you'll need to keep your calorie count up. Eat until you are full and eat three or more meals a day, then more. Eat eggs, lean meat, skinless chicken breast, fish, turkey, drink lots of water, and drink more milk and protein shakes. Your body will spend a lot of time in recovery mode after your workouts. You need to feed your muscles so they repair quicker and more fully before you go back to the gym and break them down again. Depending on where you work this shouldn't be extremely difficult. You can find excellent food to eat pretty much anywhere if you want to. Search for a dieting guide and take it to the grocery store with you so you can pick out fulfilling food to eat everyday. Make healthy and hearty meals for yourself throughout each day. For you, really focus on lifting more weight each and every week. Go up five or ten pounds on your bench press, five or ten pounds on your shoulder press, and so on. Lift heavy sets of six to eight reps, sometimes ten. Really stress your muscles but remember to stay within your boundaries to avoid an injury.

Building muscle mass as a heavy person shouldn't be quite as difficult. You already have fat that you can quickly turn into muscle. If you are just starting your weightlifting routine for the first time however, you may find it will take a little longer to build your strength. Don't worry though, you should still be able to develop a pretty strong body. Focus your weight lifting sets with low repetitions of eight to ten. Find a good workout plan to adhere to. Throw in a little cardiovascular exercise and make sure you stretch really well each day. You will find that cardio and stretching will help your workouts go a little smoother.


Weight lifting routines that increase stamina will be different from those that increase muscle mass. Stamina based weight exercises will have higher repetitions and lighter weight. Strive for repetitions between ten and twelve or ten and fifteen per set. Be explosive with each movement throughout the workout. Combine four or five different muscle groups into one set (ex: push-ups, squats, pull-ups, calf raises, shoulder press). Rest for about thirty seconds between each exercise. Do this three or four times for a total of three or four sets. After your workout or somewhere in between sets, go run a mile and focus on improving your time with each mile.

Weight Loss

If you are more on the heavy side and are trying to lose weight and build muscle at the same time you'll need to cut your calorie count. Find a dieting guide and take it to the grocery store with you to help you find the right foods. Cut portions of meat back in each of your meals. If your still hungry eat more of the portions with fewer calories to substitute for the meat you've taken out of your diet. Everyone has to eat, just make sure your eating right. You'll also want to throw some cardiovascular exercise into your gym routine to help you slim down a little. There are many different forms of cardiovascular exercise other than running. You could swim, hike, bike, take aerobics classes, dance, or jump rope.

If you are solely working on losing weight your going to want to do a lot of cardiovascular exercise. Focus more of your time and energy on burning calories. Really focus on eating less calories than you burn per day. Start your program out slowly and don't burn yourself out to quick. Your focused on the end goal, not the one or two week goal. Say one day you really don't feel like going and doing anything in the gym. Go anyway. Just don't do as much as you normally do. Go walk for 30 minutes or so and get out. You will still feel much better about yourself after going then you would if you didn't go. Remember that weight training turns fat into muscle. If you decide to burn some fat away through weight training, don't let the scale fool you. You may have only lost one pound over a week or two according to the scale, but you probably have less body fat.


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