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How Computer Use Affects Your Eyes

Updated on June 1, 2009

Using a computer, whether a whole day or a whole hour, can make a big difference in your vision.  Since you blink less when you read, your eyes don't get lubricated enough, which of course then leads to having dry eyes.  If that's not bad enough, then you've got the glare of the screen.  Staring at a lit screen can do the same sort of harm that being out in the sunlight without sunglasses does.  So you can end up with sensitive eyes, eye strain, headaches, and decreased vision.  What can you do to combat these problems and still get your work done?

1. Take a break from looking at the screen every hour.  This means walking away completely and giving your eyes a chance to relax.
2. Use eye drops as often as needed.  Believe it or not, people tend to UNDER use eye drops, thinking too much is a bad thing.  But as long as the drops are preservative free and are for helping lubricate the eyes (try Genteel over the counter), you can use them every 15 minutes if you want!


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