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How Cranberries Benefit Your Health?

Updated on May 12, 2011

Amazing Cranberries

This little red round berries from the northern regions of America and Canada play an importance role among American, Canadian and European especially during the year end Thanksgiving and Christmas festivals. The taste of sour plus a little bit of bitter perfectly matches with the taste of roast turkey.

The health benefits of Cranberries had been proven and it has been categorized under one of the healthy foods by many of health specialist. Cranberries juice and packed fruits are selling in many of stores under healthy foods zone.

Cranberries with Urinal System

Cranberries are very famous of its ability on promoting healthy urinal system. The anti-adhesion properties in Cranberries prevent the adhesion of bacterial in our urinary track that may cause inflection. "E.Coli" is one of the bacterial that usually attack our urinal system.

Researches found that the risks of diseases related to our urinal system are significantly reduced for people who are drinking Cranberries juice regularly. Cranberries juice has been used as a remedy to treat urinary diseases since long time ago. It not only helps to prevent the bacterial to attach to the urinary wall but also blocking the bacterial that may bring to stomach ulcers and gum disease.

Cranberries with Antioxidant Properties - Cancers and Heart Disease

Cranberries is rich in antioxidant properties. It contains 5 times antioxidant phenols higher than broccoli. The antioxidants loaded in Cranberries are extremely important to our body health. They act as the radical killer to fight with the radical that may attack our normal body cellular. By controlling the level of radical in our body, Cranberries are actually increasing our immune system to lower the risk of cancers, heart disease, cardiovascular disease, etc.

Cranberries with Antioxidant Properties - Anti-aging

As time goes by, we especially women need the higher amount of antioxidant to fight with the free-radical compare with man to keep our skin fair and firm. Antioxidant properties and vitamins in Cranberries definitely help in promoting smooth and healthy skin.

Cranberries with Anti-Inflammatory Properties - Cardiovascular, Periodontal Disease and Digestive Tract Inflammatory

Research shown that Cranberries are providing considerable of anti-inflammatory benefits for our cardiovascular, periodontal and also digestive tract. The phytonutrients in Cranberries significantly reduce the risk of unnecessary inflammation in our body. It could stronger our teeth by preventing chronic to damage tissues around gum that support our teeth. Cranberries are also able to reduce the risk of inflammatory of cardiovascular system, mouth, stomach and colon.

Promoting Good Cholesterol and Reducing Bad Cholesterol Levels

Some preliminary studies shown that drinking of Cranberries juice daily may help to raise the good cholesterol "HDL" level and reducing the bad cholesterol "LDL" levels.

Honestly, Cranberries juice is taste too sour for me. But after figured out those health benefits that Cranberries may bring to my body, I started fall in love with this shining red color of juice. Although it cost a little bit higher than other juices in my country but I still will go for it due to its amazing health benefits.


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