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How Detoxification Can Help Your Body

Updated on September 20, 2015

Detoxification Doesn't Mean Deprivation

Think about detoxifying your body for a moment? What comes to mind? Do you avoid thinking about it? It probably brings to mind feelings of deprivation. You won't be able to eat what you want. You probably think about glasses of green juice. A drink that you have to choke down. This does not have to be the case.

Detoxification doesn't mean becoming a hippie. It doesn't mean eating tree bark. It actually can be just simple changes in your diet. All you really need to do is take out some bad choices from your diet. You can replace these with choices that won't drive your cravings nuts. It actually can be much easier then you think. There are many reasons to look into detoxifying your body.

WTF is a Big Mac?


Reason #1: Chemicals in Our Body

We are exposing our bodies to chemicals everyday. We usually do not contemplate toxins acting against our organs. Yet, continually we consume foods filled with chemicals to keep them fresh. These chemicals get into yours bodies, every time we eat these foods. chemicals also come from second hand cigarette smoking, car exhaust, factories, chemicals used to purify the water, and a multitude of other environmental sources.

Not all of the chemicals leave our bodies. Many of these preservatives stay in the body, especially in organs like the colon. These preservatives slow our digestive tract and produce many other side effects.


Reason #2: Prevent Disease

There are many chronic illnesses linked to chemicals in our bodies. The most worrisome thing to me is genetically modified foods. Man was not meant to mess with nature. We don't know exactly what this is doing to our bodies.

Megan explains, "Environmental toxins are responsible for many cancers, neurological diseases, heart disease, strokes... you name it." (Top 10 Reasons to Detox Your Body, 2013)

Research is even linking mental disorders like Alzheimers and ADD/ADHD to chemicals in our systems. While the medical community denies it, several parents have even rid their children of Autism by removing excess metals from their children.

Detox Diet Can Help Kidney Disease


Reason #3: Repair Immune System

Our bodies are a complex machine. Like any other machine, it needs the right fuel to work properly. If you put bad gas in your car then it will not run right. If you don't change the oil in your car then the engine will break down. Poor and/or altered food is no different.

We have seen an increase in disease over the last couple of decades. Research has started to link this to changes in our food supply. Autism rates have risen from 1 in 1000 to 1 in 100. Dr. Murray found that Celiac disease has risen 400% in 50 years.

Dr. Murray explains the problem as, "“It more likely involves the wheat itself, which has undergone extensive hybridization as a crop and undergoes dramatic changes during processing that involves oxidizers, new methods of yeasting, and other chemical processes. We have no idea what effect these changes may have on the immune system.”

Detoxification removes these impurities from our bodies. It allows our immune system to repair itself.

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What about our body's natural filtering system?

Our bodies do have a natural filtering system. Yes, the liver is meant to rid the body of toxins , however, the liver may not be able to handle the volume of chemicals being taken in. states, “If too much toxins are stored in the liver there is a big possibility that the liver will become “congested” (The Benefits of Drinking a Liver Detox Tea, n.d.). When the liver become congested, toxic compounds begin to build up in the system. Toxic compunds begin to build up over each and every day. The build of toxins begins to adversly affect our health. The body’s ability to absorb nutrients can become diminished.

David Wolfe On Chemicals

Detox Video

Chemical's Effect on Our Bodies

Chemicals do much more than just retard our digestive system or clog our arteries. These toxins also allow bacteria to grow in our organs. Toxins can affect the colon. The colon is one of the last stops along the digestive tract. The colon may begin to to lose its ability to rid itself of all the body’s waste. Our colon can become a breeding ground for bacteria. When our colons become plugged with extra waste. Providing bacteria all the ingredients necessary to take over. Our colon is warm, contains liquid, and food provides the food necessary for bacteria to grow.

A side effect of bacterial build up is smelly flagalance. Many people believe that room clearing gas is created by Methane gas. Methane gas is odorous and colorless. The smell is produced by bacteria in the digestive tract.

Getting rid of harmful preservatives aids our bodies to work faster. Elimination of harmful preservatives aids our bodies to use less energy to digestion. The excess energy aids  other body systems to work much better. We are able to concentrate more, your other body systems work faster, and your mind is with less fog. You will very quickly realize the benefits of detoxification. 

Detoxification assists in eliminating the chemicals in our bodies. Potentially even eliminating effects of arthritis, and many skin problems. In addition such things as headaches, fatigue, and general malayse may become illnesses of the past.

Detoxification can be produced by practicing a plethora of diets including a vegetarian eating plan, Acai Berry Juice, raw diet, and many other things. Even though you now know the importance of detoxification, be sure to consult your family doctor before undergoing drastic life changes.


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