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How Diabetes Symptoms Could Be Magic

Updated on December 30, 2012

It All Depends on What You Do About Diabetes Symptoms

Diabetes symptoms are magic because they provide us the opportunity to make them disappear -- as if by magic -- with a few changes to our diet and our exercise habits. There are few other diseases that are so simple to prevent and even reverse by simply eating a much healthier diet.

In fact, "diabesity" -- the combination of obesity and diabetes, Type-2 -- could be called the greatest controllable threat to world health among the non-infectious diseases.

Diabetes symptoms are our 3-minute warning that we have been eating in a way that our body doesn't like. We can either change what we're doing or we can start taking some drugs that will essentially tell our body to, "Deal with it!" (But this only puts the problem off until later.)

The U.S. Center for Disease Control admits that "lifestyle interventions" -- quitting smoking, eating a healthier diet, and getting moderate physical exercise -- are about twice as effective as the drug treatment (Metformin or glucophage) for the early stages of diabetes.

What Are the Common Symptoms of Diabetes?

What diabetes symptoms are we talking about?

Well, the best-known one is excessive thirst, with its counterpart, increased urination. This is caused by your body trying to get rid of the excess sugar in your bloodstream by excreting it.

Related to this is Fatigue, caused by the inability of blood sugar to get into your cells to provide them with energy. This is due to a condition referred to as insulin resistance.

Another diabetes symptom is rapid, unexplained weight loss caused by your body breaking down muscle tissue for fuel because glucose cannot get into your cells.

Excessive hunger, caused by wild swings in blood sugar levels is another common symptom of diabetes.

Dry, itchy skin and acanthosis nigricans (the latter is also often the only symptom of prediabetes).

Wound healing that proceeds slowly

Yeast infections: Women, in particular, need to watch out for vaginal candida infections.


Blurred Vision -- floaters or flashes of light

Tingling or numbness in the feet and hands, as well as burning or swelling

Infections of the gums, skin, and bladder that keep coming back

Diabetes Symptoms Visit the Planet Vegus

What Course of Action Shall We Take?

So, those are the symptoms of diabetes. Now let's get back to the issue of losing some weight so we can make these symptoms disappear. This is where

most informational sites like the ADA, Mayo Clinic and others fall down. Most people just can't stay on restrictive diets that require counting calories and tiny portions.

And, the emphasis on restricting carbohydrates is completely contrary to what the medical research tells us -- that is, if getting well is our goal.

(Unfortunately, "diabetes management" is the goal of the medical establishment most often because it is far more profitable. Patients are subtly steered in that direction by information released in the media, by the drug companies' commercials, and by their physicians. Become aware of this, if you are a patient.)

And -- Here is a Big Point -- due to the political and economic power of the farmers and the food processing industry in the USA, all the foods that created your diabetes symptoms are still recommended in the diets of the American Diabetes Association and the Center for Disease Control. As a result, few patients get completely well on these wimpy dietary guidelines.

The good news is that there is no need to listen to them. There are better sources of information: Doctors who stay current on the latest scientific research -- indeed, doctors who, for example, have been able to get 71% of patients off all medications in just a 3-week research project. This was done with a vegan (no animal products) diet and exercise. Other experiments have produced similar results with only the diet change.

The problem, I think, is that when the officials of the NIH and the ADA say, "Eat a healthier diet," everyone hears what they want to hear out of that message. Because the ADA and NIH guidelines are very broad and include a big hunk of meat at the center of the meal and a few overcooked vegetables around the meat, which don't get eaten completely -- and then there is a big, rich dessert after the meal -- and no-one is getting much better because they all are left to imagine their own idea of what "Eat healthy" means.

So, after you or a loved one get diagnosed with diabetes symptoms, the question remains: What Are you doing to do about them?

Mainstream medicine tends to treat you condescendingly and they expect that you would rather take a few pills (which almost inevitably degenerates into taking more and more drugs, plus enduring life-threatening complications such as heart disease and cancer) than to change your diet.

What do YOU say? Are you as dense and weak-willed as most medical doctors seem to think you are?

Or do you want a simple, proven recipe for beating diabetes, looking and feeling your best, and greatly reducing your chance of getting heart disease, cancer, stroke, or any of the other diseases that often come in a "package deal" with diabetes symptoms.

I welcomed the news that I had this choice of options. For me, it was a no-brainer. To learn more about what this dietary option entails and the results seen, visit my Web site, linked below.

Living Sustainably on the Beautiful Earth

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