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How Do I Change My Diet Part 1

Updated on June 26, 2011

Avoid Carbohydrates that Digest Quickly

How Do I Change My Diet? Part 1

Well I am going to tell you what my Doctor suggested I do to lose weight. He has been on me for quite some time to lose weight or become a Diabetic, which I am border line every single time I get my blood work done. So this last time I was up 4lbs from my last visit 6 months ago from 251lbs to you guessed 255lbs, Not good. He asked me what triggered the fast weight gain ? I told him been threw a lot within the last 6 months with my Dad getting sick and spending more time in the Hospital then at home. He passed away on March 1, 2011. Now my Dad has always been on my butt to lose weight or I am going to run into problems, so while he was on his death bed I promised him that I would lose the weight as I was giving him permission to leave us in this world that we would be all right.

So this is what I suggest to do to lose weight especially if you are like me always working and never have any time to go to the local health club to exercise, yes I said exercise is to avoid carbohydrates, yes I said carbohydrates.

Especially Avoid Carbohydrates that Digest Quickly

1. Refined Flour – bread, cereals, pasta

2. Liquid Carbohydrates – beer, juice, soda

3. Starches – potatoes, rice, corn

Other Foods to Avoid

1. Any kind of sugar – Sugar is the most refined carbohydrate

2. Baked Goods – These combine refined flour and sugar

3. Pizza – Crust is no no

4. Low Fat Foods – These foods have the fat replaced by sugars – starches

5. Processed ready to eat foods – These invariably have added carbohydrates

6. Breaded and fried meats

Now I know why I gained those 4lbs, I was eating all the wrong foods above, not good.

Watch for Part 2 where I am going to tell you “What I am Allowed to Eat” I think you will be amazed of what you are able to eat I know I was and I am sure I could do this no problem and succeed.

As Always,

That’s Kool Info

How to make your Low Carb Diet Easy


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