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How Do I Speed Up My Metabolism? 5 Tips To Jump Start Your Metabolism Now!

Updated on May 9, 2014

How do I speed up my metabolism? is a question that I am continually asked. Mainly because if someone is struggling to lose weight they think one of the main reasons is that their metabolic rate is slow. To be honest in most cases this I have found to be untrue.

Once you dig deeper into your daily exercise and eating/drinking habits that’s where the problem usually lies. In this article we will look at 5 top tips that will jump start your metabolism so you can include them as part of your game plan to losing 1 – 2 pounds of fat every week.

How Do I Speed Up My Metabolism Tips

Tip # 1 – Include protein with every meal or snack. When you eat your foods they cause what is called a “thermic effect” on your body. In simple terms this means that you use up energy to digest what you have just eaten. Protein is a food group that takes longer and is harder to digest therefore it has a higher thermic effect needing more energy to break it down.

This process will jump start your metabolism with every meal or snack that has protein as a part of it. Understandably to be consistent with this it takes some planning and organising. I recommend that you use protein shakes made with water and low sugar protein bars for snacks either at work or when you are busy on the go during daily activities.

How Do I Speed Up My Metabolism Video

Tip # 2 – Combine both strength training and aerobics/cardio to your workout routine. This way you get the best of both worlds and a super fast metabolic rate and the burning of calories. Strength training holds onto your muscle tissue when you do a routine 2 – 3 times every week for 45 – 60 minutes.

You can either do a full body routine every 4 days or a “push-pull routine” 3 times per week. Having a healthy body composition with lean muscle tissue means you will burn fat faster and maintain your ideal weight easier simply because muscle burns more calories than fat.

How Do I Speed Up My Metabolism Video

Tip # 3 – Keep hydrated. Your metabolic rate is a chemical process and this process does require water to keep it going strong. Water is a great way to flush the toxins from your cells and the more toxins you have in your system the slower your fat loss will be.

The same applies to your organs. Healthy organs that get a consistent supply daily of water will burn your fat more efficiently. If you drink a glass of water before and after every meal/snack then this should be sufficient for the day.

How Do I Speed Up My Metabolism Video

Tip # 4 – Always have breakfast. Did you know the word breakfast comes from a term “break from the fast”? Because during your hours of sleeping your body has been without food or drink and in a state of fasting. This time spent sleeping slows down your metabolic rate which is why within 1 hour of rising you must eat or drink to jump start it again.

Those who tend to miss this most important meal off the day are the ones who are starving by 10.00 am because their blood sugar has dropped so low and tend to overeat or reach out for the wrong kind of foods.

I appreciate not everyone likes to eat early in the morning so you can always compensate a meal with a protein shake or a delicious low GI fruit smoothie with a couple of scoops of protein powder added, yummy!

Tip # 5 – Cycle your calorie intake. Again this takes a little planning and organising yet once you get into a routine with it then I recommend adding it consistently as part of your “how do I speed up my metabolism” programme.

2 options here. One is to have a cheat day once every week and eat your favourite junk foods in regular portion sizes. A great alternative to that is the high – low alternate calorie days. You do this with healthy foods but consume more of them on the high day and less on the low day. Both of these are very effective in stopping your metabolism from slowing down.

How Do I Speed Up My Metabolism Video

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