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Why Do Teenagers Build Muscle Quicker Than Adults?

Updated on May 30, 2015

People always say it's easier for teenagers to build muscle than adults and they are correct. I'll explain first hand in my experience with training teens and scientifically why this is true rather than simply saying "because their young."

Hawk Fitness

Weight Training Teens (Don't ask if it's a sport)

I had never trained a dancer of any style of dance until I trained the DC boys but I can tell you that the results they achieved were greatly due to the fact that they are hard working and passionate about what they do. For their training we did Deadlifts, Squats, Bench Press, Military Press, Ladder Drills, Plyometrics, Landmine Presses, and other sport specific exercises you would do for say, football. I made the mistake of "asking" if dance is a sport because that's how little I knew about dance. Unless you want a gang of kids giving you a high kick to the face and a leap in 2nd (I still want to know why there's no leap in 1st) with a stop and stare then yes, for your faces sake don't ask if it's a sport.

DC Dance Factory Boys
DC Dance Factory Boys

Why Do Teenagers (Physically) Build Muscle Faster Than Adults?

Puberty may cause a boy to create as much as 50 times the amount of testosterone that he produced prior to puberty. Teenage boys may produce the equivalent of 300mg of exogenous testosterone per week. A 15-year-old girl may produce around 40 or 50 nanograms per deciliter, or ng/dl, of testosterone that gradually increases to 70 ng/dl by age 20.

Testosterone is the king of all hormones . It gives you drive, motivation, strength, repair, and obviously an increase or decrease in your sex drive. Teenagers have a high amount of testosterone but also a large amount of Growth Hormone to build bones, joints, ligaments, and connective tissues. If your an adult who wants to get these hormones that also keep you younger looking and feeling younger longer back, then you have to perform large compound movements that greatly increase them such as Squats and Dead Lifts correctly.

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Weight Training For Teenagers

Why Do Teenagers (Mentally) Build Muscle Faster Than Adults?

First it's partly the mind of a teenager that is building muscle faster than adults. Remember when you were a teen? Take a moment to think about how carefree, unassuming, willing to learn, and all the dangerous things you did without thinking twice if you were going to break an arm or not. Now, think about the mix of emotions you felt. I guarantee that if use this Back To The Future mindset when you workout, you would accelerate to your goals at a much quicker rate.When it's a Teenager preparing to weight train they grab a weight and say "let me see if I can do it." Adults say " I don't know if I can do that weight so I probably shouldn't try." It's things people have told you that you couldn't do during the length of time between being a teen and being an adult that have built up enough to make you forget about dreaming.

People lose their dreams they had when they were young. They let family, friends, and co-workers, tell them what they should do with their lives. Maybe some things happened along the way that made you take that job you still hate today. I still have many people giving me strange looks when I talk about how big I want my gym to become, but I haven't forgotten about my dreams of even having a gym when I was younger. People gave me strange looks then and I still achieved my goal so I know that I can the same thing despite negativity over-and-over again and so can you.

Free Your MInd And The Rest Will Follow

Besides being a song by En Vogue, what I mean by "freeing your mind and the rest will follow" is to free it of outside sources saying you can't achieve your fitness goals. In a battle of the world's views of what you can do versus what someone else thinks you can do it's not easy to think strong. Wake up early clear your mind and remember those reasons. You can get to A to B no matter who says you can't if you believe in yourself. We need this mindset so when you feel lost in the world's "No.No.No's " we can say "Yes" to fitness goals and living a healthier lifestyle.

"If your looking for someone to help you, the right people are out there if you just keep looking."


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