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How Do You Activate Almonds?

Updated on May 3, 2013
How Do You Activate Almonds?
How Do You Activate Almonds?

Almonds are packed full of nutrients, vitamins and protein and are a fantastic food to eat as a snack. They are actually part of the stone fruit family, and are related to cherries, peaches and plums.

Other than being an edible power food, they are also used as a popular ingredient in many creams and lotions, not to mention being made into a popular alternative to regular milk.

Benefits Of Almonds

Almonds are crunchy and an easy food to eat, and with all of the health benefits they bring, it is well worth introducing them into your diet daily.

Consuming almonds help to reduce the risk of a heart attack, help to lower 'bad' cholesterol and given their high calcium and phosphorus levels, they are a great for maintaining strong bones and teeth.

Most importantly, almonds are the only nut and one of the very few proteins around that actually alkalize the body. When your body is not alkaline enough, there is a risk of osteoporosis, poor immune function, low energy levels and weight gain.

The benefits of almonds are numerous.

What Are Activated Nuts?

Activated almonds are said to be more digestible and even more nutritious than natural or roasted almonds.

What makes activated nuts so special?

All nuts (and even seeds and grains) can contain enzyme-inhibitors in their skin, which when combined with other vitamins in our digestive tract can actually block proper absorption; meaning our uptake of vital minerals is lowered.

Preparation of nuts in a way to neutralize this, allows for optimal digestion and increase nutrition.

This means more of the good stuff in the nut is absorbed by our bodies.

How Do You Activate Almonds?

Almonds are activated by a simple process of soaking them and then dehydrating them.

The soaking process breaks down phytic acid and enzyme inhibitors and actually causes the almond to start to germinate or sprout.

This actually releases the enzyme inhibitors, and increases the nutritional value.

So why dehydrate them again?Simply. It gives them back their crunch!

The soaking process takes approximately 12 hours and then anywhere from 12-24 hours to dry them depending on your method.

How Do You Activate Almonds

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Cook Time

Prep time: 12 hours
Cook time: 12 hours
Ready in: 24 hours
Yields: Process remains the same depending on the volume


  • 2 cups - Raw Almonds
  • Water - Enough to cover


  1. SOAKING The first step is to soak the almonds. Place the raw almonds into a bowl and cover with water. Soak for 12 hours.
  2. RINSING After soaking you will notice that they look slightly puffed up, and may even be show signs of sprouting. Rinse the almonds well under cold water.
  3. DEHYRATING (optional) If you don't mind your almonds without the crunch, you can eat your activated almonds just as they are. You can dehyrate your almonds in two ways. 1) Lay them flat on a tray and leave them to dry. 2) Roast them on a very very low heat in your oven until they are crunchy.

Eat your activated almonds as you would normally and be sure to keep them in an airtight container. If this all sounds too hard, you can buy them.


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    • profile image

      Debra 3 years ago

      That's a shrewd answer to a tricky qutesion

    • profile image

      Ellyanna 3 years ago

      This arilcte is a home run, pure and simple!

    • BlissfulWriter profile image

      BlissfulWriter 4 years ago

      Soaking and sprouting nuts is always a good idea. And it is true that it decreases the amount of non-beneficial phytic acid and enzyme inhibitors in nuts.