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How Do You Deal With Hearing Loss Frustrations?

Updated on March 23, 2019
staceysanford profile image

I have profound hearing loss, as I was born that way. I also occasionally wear hearing aids.

Daily life with hearing loss

I am just curious, as to how others with hearing loss, deal with everyday life. I was born hard of hearing in both ears. The doctors say I have profound loss, but I can hear most people, and things.This is just a starter blog to see how others are or have been affected.

I have worn hearing aids off and on for about fifty years. I really despise them. I guess you could say, this stems from my first childhood set. It was the old fashioned kind. These were inserted into your ears, and had wires attached, that went to a type of battery compartment, that you wore around your neck. I would go to school, and of course the kids all looked at me. I got over that, and so did they. They actually embraced me, and that I was different. However the trouble was that when the battery was dying, it would squeal. Unfortunately, I could not hear that, and would disrupt the class until someone turned around to tell me so. I decided quite quickly that I would no longer wear them, unbeknownst to my parents.

When I reached high school, I decided I better get another set, as these were important learning years, and good grades were needed for College. Again I tried to wear them. This time, my problem stems from them being too loud. I would go to the Cafeteria, or assembly's and get instant headaches, from all the noise. However if I did not wear them, I could not hear others talking, or important assembly speeches, so I was just a lost soul amongst others most of the time. Again, I stopped wearing them.

I made it through high school, but did not attend college anyway, due to certain circumstances. So I just worked. I had worked my whole life at the family restaurant, so everyone already knew that I could not hear everything. I decided to venture out into the real world where no one knew about my hearing loss. I learned at an early age, not to tell people about my disability, as they think you can't do the job. It's not their fault because in some instances it is true.

So how do I get jobs? I lie. I never put down that I have a hearing disability. That is an immediate waste, of filling out an application. They see that say, no way. I know this for a fact, as I almost did not get a job once, because they knew of my disability. It turned out that I was one of the best employees they ever had.

One thing about us people that have disabilities, is our eagerness to work. I myself am an overachiever, or workhorse. I try to compensate for my hearing loss, by being the best I can be. I usually run circles around others. It is both a good and bad thing. The employers love it, but fellow employees do not. They think you are trying "show off" but that is not the case at all. I am just glad to be able to work and not worry about doing a job.

There are "cons" to some jobs though. At one job, I was deathly afraid of answering the phone. Some people, I just can't understand at all, and it really irks the person on the other end. I need to be able to see their faces to understand what they are saying. I learned to adapt though, making people spell out their names, or saying repeating numbers, especially fifty six, or sixty six. I would have to say five six?, or six six, to make sure I got it right. Most people understood.

Let's face it though, I can't work at a lot of jobs that others easily can. Answering phones, is one of the worst. I once had a job, where you had to listen to the beeps, on a scanner to know whether an item was reduced a certain amount. Everyone else did that way. I had the take the slower route and read the screen. Not too much of a big deal. Customer service can be rough sometimes. People get upset with you, if you don't hear them calling you, which happens often. A co worker will usually get my attention, and tell me so, to which I will immediately apologize, and make the customer happy.

This whole blog, or article was about hearing aids and work, but there is so much more about hearing loss not covered. By the way, still don't wear hearing aids, but I have them. They just itch so much much, and as mentioned earlier, do not work in social situations. Tell me your stories.

© 2019 Stacey l Sanford


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    • staceysanford profile imageAUTHOR

      Stacey l Sanford 

      7 months ago from Johnson City

      Thanks for your comment. I too, do not let anything stop me, and many friends who understand. The funny thing is, we can't hear a lot of things said, so we are always happy go lucky.

    • Isivwe Muobo profile image

      Farrah Young 

      7 months ago from Nigeria

      I'm sorry you have this disability. I don't have hearing loss, but have a friend who does and the one thing that pulls people to him is the fact he never let that get in the way of what he wanted.

      He had such a strong and solid character that everyone just loved him, especially the ladies. It also didn't hurt that he's very goodlooking and would give Chris Evans a run for his money.

      He's married now though and is happy.


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