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How Does It Feel To Be Sober Looking Through An Alcoholics Eyes

Updated on July 23, 2014

After someone has been addicted to alcohol for so many years and they then decide to finally surrender to that addiction, we may ask ourselves, I wonder, how does it feel to be sober through an alcoholics eyes?

The answers will vary in many different ways with each and every alcoholic. Some may feel as if they have lost their very best friend and in many cases, alcohol was their very best friend. the kind of friend we don't need.

Some may say it is the best thing that they had ever done and I am one of those people.

These so called friends or as I called them my "alcohol demons", will indeed destroy you little by little, but only if you let it happen. We the alcoholics are the only ones that can shut these demons down once and for all. It's up to you whether you want sobriety or not.

Lets see if I can convince you that sobriety and living a clean and sober life is worth all the hard work and determination through my own alcoholic eyes.

Looking Through My Eyes

Lets see where I should start? How about here.


  • First and foremost, you ever find peace and sobriety within you unless you are willing to act upon it and surrender to it.
  • What I see through my own eyes now is a peaceful, loving, calm, positive and believing person. I now believe anything in life is possible when you want it bad enough as I want my life to be sober again.
  • I see a whole new world waiting for me to accomplish those things I could never do being addicted to alcohol. i am not letting any grass grow under my feet from this day forward.
  • I had dreams and goals all those years ago, that I am finally achieving all being sober, something I thought would be impossible.
  • You will be able to enjoy your family more and remember more of what you did with them, when sometimes being in that drunken state, we the alcoholics tends to forget some of the great times with our families.
  • There is nothing better than waking up in the morning and feeling refreshed, happy, loving and not miserable, hung over, and feeling like a trunk had ran you over. Oh, I can remember those mornings all so well and then lied saying I felt great when we all know we felt like crap.
  • So if you ask me, sobriety and being free of your addiction is Absolutely Awesome!

Over One Year Sober

I always looked at people that said they had stopped drinking alcohol for a week, month or a year and I always said to myself, "that's no big deal I can do that too." I never gave those people enough credit were credit was do. Now, being sober I can see why these folks bragged about their sobriety because it is a big deal for all that surrender to any kind of an addiction.

Being clean and sober for over one year doesn't sound like much for many people, but it is a huge accomplishment for any alcoholic, including myself. Everyday that you are sober is a huge accomplishment and in fact every minute of being sober is the same. We the alcoholic need to just take one day at a time and sooner or later you will be counting the years that have gone by and you are still living life sober.

So I must say I am a much happier person now being sober and I am so thankful that my family stuck by my side through thick and thin and had the faith that I would eventually see the light and change my life around and surrender to this horrible addiction called alcoholism.

I thank God for giving me the strength, the willingness and the desire to fight this battle with my demons and win over my addiction to alcohol. For without God and my positive attitude that he gave me I would still being heading down that path to self destruction and more than likely loss everything including one day my own life.

If you or someone you know has a addiction problem, never give up hope and seek the help that you may need to find your new and beautiful life. You will never be sorry that you made that decision to quit drinking alcohol.

© 2011 Mark Bruno


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    • the clean life profile image

      Mark Bruno 7 years ago from New Jersey Shore

      @ AskAshlie3433, Thank you so much for your kind words and comment. It really means so much to hear such positive feedback on my writing. Thanks again Ashlie!!!

    • the clean life profile image

      Mark Bruno 7 years ago from New Jersey Shore

      @ Seeker7 Thank you for following me and my writing and thanks for such a nice comment you gave to me. Much appreciated!!

    • AskAshlie3433 profile image

      AskAshlie3433 7 years ago from WEST VIRGINIA

      Hey Clean! Great hub. Voted AWESOME! You show great power. You should be very proud of yourself. Helping people learn from your mistakes, that takes a real man to care like you did. That is why I say you can't give advice to someone unless you have walked in the same shoes. You just can't fully understand unless you do. Very proud of you and congrads. It is a lot harder then people understand. Best to you and your family.

    • Seeker7 profile image

      Helen Murphy Howell 7 years ago from Fife, Scotland


      What a fantastic and moving hub. You really are a champion and a great person!!!