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How Does It Feel To Watch Others Drink Alcohol While You Are In Recovery?

Updated on August 6, 2013


Here is a question for all of us that have surrendered to our addiction to alcohol. "How does it feel to watch others drink alcohol while we are in recovery?"

In the beginning for myself, it really bothered me to no end. I could taste the alcohol on my lips while others were drinking it in front of me. I had to be strong and keep telling myself I can not touch that drink. I can not let my past demons into my life again. I have to be strong and powerful enough to say NO!

I thought to myself, "I remember drinking like those in front of me and having a great old times, being silly and sometimes rude as well. Oh yes, that was the alcohol making me be rude to others!

The more I watch those people getting drunker and drunker and making fools out of themselves, I thanked God for helping me surrender to my alcohol addiction.

I realized that I didn't need alcohol to have a good time. I realized even though I wasn't drinking alcohol, I was having sober fun, and in the morning I would thank myself for not touching a drink. Although I can't say the same for those that were drinking their brains out. They will feel it tomorrow morning, I stated to myself.


After a year or so when I knew it could be somewhat safe to be around people that drank alcohol I took a test drive to the bar. Before the bar, I went into a liquor store for a pack of smokes. It was very hard to walk into a liquor store after not being in one for over one year, but I opened the door and walked in looking at all the alcohol displayed so nicely for me to see.

I wanted to test myself by going to the beer area. I looked through the glass doors and said to myself, "this isn't so bad." I looked at the beer I used to drink and shook my head and said, "no more for me, you will have to be sold to someone else."

I got my smokes and got into my car and then headed to dinner with my wife. The place we went was a bar and restaurant. I wanted to be seated next to the bar so that I would really test my willpower and my determination to stay sober.

My wife asked me, "don't you have any urges to drink having watched those in front of you drinking one drink after another?" My reply to her was, "I have not one urge for a drink of alcohol. Give me just a Root Beer and I will be very happy.

This was a true test to see just how I could handle being around those that drink alcohol.



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It is all in the mind in believe. Watching and being around those that are drinking alcohol is indeed very tempting to say the least, but you and I must be strong enough to say no, I don't need that poison in my body again.

In the beginning for me watching those drinking alcohol, my taste buds were watering for the taste of alcohol. I will not lie to you, because it was very very hard not to have a drink. The more I watched them drink, the horrible memories came about me and made me think.

If it took so many years to even think about getting sober for good then why in the world would I take that first drink and ruin all the hard work it took to get where I was in my life be sober and living a life of sobriety?

you and I know that we are in control of our minds and what we do to ourselves. No one has made us, or makes us drink alcohol. It is our choice whether or not we touch alcohol or we don't.

I now knew that I was safe from my demons and watching those drink alcohol no longer bothered me. Sure, to be honest, every once and awhile that urge come about me to have a sip of alcohol, but I am strong and I don't let anything or anyone make me take that drink.

I now go to bars, parties, weddings and anywhere that has alcohol and I am fine with being around those that drink. A matter of fact, people come to me and praise me for not drinking and ask me how do I do it. my answer to them is, " I have the willpower to say NO!"

I know my body now and know for a fact that if I touched one sip of alcohol I would be doomed and would go right back to my old ways of drinking alcohol every single day. So the only way to not get to that point in my life again is just Not drink at all and I will be safe from my demons. The whole thing is that you MUST be strong and determined to stay clean and sober forever.


I say, "don't stop living life because of a past addiction" because life must go on after you have surrendered to your alcohol addiction. You can not stop living and doing things because you used to be an alcoholic.

You have to be strong, have the willingness to stay sober and the pure determination to never touch an alcoholic drink again. With that said, you will be able to go to places that alcohol is served.

If by chance you are at a place serving alcohol, and you start to get that urge and can not control that urge then just get up and leave to get away from that temptation.

In the beginning of my sobriety there were many times I stayed home and not attended functions with my wife because I knew in my heart I was not ready to be around alcohol, so why expose myself and torture myself by going. My wife completely understood and went to those places without me.

After a year or so is when I took that test drive to see if I was ready to continue my life as it should be.

I now have a new and clean life, and so can you. Don't let your past addiction stop you from enjoying the rest of your life.




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