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How Drinking Good Water Can Keep your body young and reduce Aging

Updated on June 16, 2014
Good drinking water increases health and prevents disease.
Good drinking water increases health and prevents disease.

The Best Bottled Water You Can Drink!

Water Hydration and the Human Body

Water is an essential component of life to the human body. At birth we are over 80% water in body composition. At death, we are often between 50-60% water in body composition. As we grow older, our bodies grow more and more dehydrated. The liquids we consume that are not water such as milk, soda, and juices not water and cannot act as water substitutes. They simply cannot replace water. In some cases, like soda, they actually dehydrate you.

How Much Water Should a Person Drink Each Day?

The typical recommended dosage of water consumption per day for a person is 8 glasses. Sometimes, I can consume as much as 6 liters a day. Every person's body is a little bit different and so knowing how much water you should be getting each day is an important part of having a physical awareness of your body's needs.

The Best Alkaline Ionizer Water Purifier

The Living Water by Vollara is the best all around water ionizer in the marketplace. It offers the best combination of benefits to cost available. It retails at about $2000 and costs about $2630 over 10 years. It comes with an industry best warranty of 5 years.

Direct Disc Ionization (DDI) Technology is the New Standard in Alkaline Water Technology

This water ionizer is already half the price of many of the industry brands. But it also offers a patented DDI (Direct Disk Ionization) Technology that sets it apart from every other water ionizer on the planet. This DDI technology has a number of benefits. But the ones that stick out in comparison to the Plate Ionization motors in all other units is that you can run hot water through the Vollara Living Water and it will not destroy the motor. In Plate Ionization technology, if you run hot water through the motor, it will destroy the ionizer.

PH Range is an Important Part of an Alkaline Water Ionizer

This water ionizer offers a PH range from 2.5 to 10 allowing you to use the water for a variety of purposes. This is about average to what most other water ionizers allow you to do. When you compare the price to the benefits and how this water ionizer compares to the many others in the industry, I think you will find it is one of your best values, if not the best.

Acidosis and Water

Acidosis is a condition in which our bodies contain too much acid. This comes from the foods we eat and the liquids we drink. Soda, for example, not being water, is also extremely acidic. It would take about 30 cups of alkaline water to neutralize the acid in one cup of soda that you put into your body.

Acidosis and dehydration go hand in hand because the same substances that lead to acidosis are also many of the substances that lead to dehydration.

Tap Water Is Often Acidic

Some waters like tap water are acidic. So when you combine the acid from food, liquids, and acid water, a condition called chronic acidosis develops. Acidosis in the body is linked to many of the chronic diseases in American society today

You're Not Sick, You're Thirsty; Water and Dehydration

Impact of Dehydration and Acidosis on Aging

As your body dehydrates and ages it becomes wrinkled. People who take care of their bodies and stay properly hydrated stay looking younger longer and maintain greater health and vitality.

Alkaline Water; Can it Cure Tumors and Cancer?

Long Term Affect of Dehydration

The long term affects of dehydration can include:

  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • migraine headaches
  • chronic joint pain
  • sciatica (dehydrated discs)
  • faster aging

Long Term Affects of Acidosis

The long term affects of acidosis include:

  • chronic fatigue syndrome
  • osteoporosis (your body leeches the calcium from your bones to try to neutralize the acid)
  • diabetes
  • kidney damage
  • heart system damage (cardiovascular)

Dehydration and Acidosis Lead to Aging and Poor Quality of Life

None of these conditions are good. They lead to faster aging, a poorer quality of life, and decreased mobility and enjoyment of life. The good news is that drinking water can prevent all of this.

Drinking Good Water Prevents Dehydration and Protects Against Acidosis

How many times were you told as a kid to drink water? You probably heard it so many times you thought it was the cure all solution Mom gave you when she didn't want to listen to your grumbling. The truth is Drink Water! Why? Because its life giving. Drinking good water flushes toxins out of your body and hydrates your cells, bones, and muscles. Drinking enough good water prevents dehydration and the many health complications including aging that result when you do not drink enough good water.

Good Alkaline Drinking Water Flushes Toxins From Your Body!

Drinking good water will not, in itself, cure you of acidosis. But drinking good alkaline water can start the process of helping your body flush acids out of your body while also keeping your body hydrated. It will help to limit and prevent the many chronic diseases that are associated with both dehydration and acidosis. If you are drinking enough good water, then you will not need to be drinking soda or coffee or tea or other liquids that are not qualified to replace water.

Because drinking good water regularly prevents these harmful affects on your body, it will also slow aging and increase your long term health and vitality. So, Drink Water!


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