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How Drinking Water Helps Reduce Asthma and Allergy Symptoms

Updated on September 3, 2012

Asthma is Intricately Linked to Drinking Water

The idea that asthma is intricately linked to drinking water might sound bizarre, but it is true. It is linked for a number of reasons, not because water causes asthma, but because water can reduce and in some cases eliminate asthma symptoms. Now there are sometimes unhealthy chemicals in the water that can aggravate or incite asthma, but good drinking water is a healing agent. In fact, it is impossible for the human body to be allergic to good drinking water because it is absolutely essential for life on earth.

Asthma and Dehydration

While asthma can have many different causes according to modern medical thought, Dr. F Batmanghelidj believes that asthma is directly linked to chronic dehydration. It is true that acidosis and chronic dehydration are prevalent in America today. Because of the junk food and soda people consume consistently from a young age, people grow increasingly sick and unhealthy. There is simply no substitute for water, and yet Americans equate drinking liquid with hydration. You should drink water the majority of the time, you should never drink soda, and you should drink juices and alcohol in very controlled moderation. Personally, I only drink water. If you have asthma, I challenge you to only drink water and to do so consistently for 60 days and notice the difference that you will experience in your health.

A baby's body composition of water is about 80%. At death a person's body composition of water is often in the 50 percentile. As we grow older, we dehydrate. Some lifestyle choices can speed up dehydration. Wrinkled skin is just one of the many signs of dehydration in a person as they get older.

Asthma also can be caused by dehydration. In cases where it is not caused by dehydration, it can be aggravated by dehydration. So water plays a very important role in good health, in reducing asthma symptoms, and in some cases in curing asthma.

Chemicals in Water that Aggravate Asthma

Not all water is created equal when it comes to being able to drink it. When you drink water, it needs to be free of chemicals, toxic minerals, and it should have a slightly basic PH. Glacier water is the measuring stick by which to measure the quality of the water you drink.

When you drink water that has chlorine and other chemicals in it, you can get sick. The chemicals can also aggravate or instigate asthma like symptoms. Most tap waters have chlorine in them. Chlorine is often used in city municipal water systems to neutralize the acidic state of the water so it doesn't corrode the city pipes. This means that tap water is not only polluted with chemicals but is also acidic, both qualities you do not want in your drinking water.

At the very least, drinking good water devoid of chemicals will support good health. But in many cases it will also help you relieve asthma symptoms. If the water you drink has chemicals in it, it could aggravate your asthma. Just remember, drinking water isn't the problem, its the chemicals in the water. So get the chemicals out of the water and then drink it.

Why Drinking Water Helps Asthma

Making good quality drinking water the sole basis of hydration helps to prevent asthma for several reasons. It eliminates all the toxic liquids like soda that people put into their bodies that break down their immune system and make them sicker. So simply drinking water to hydrate supports good immune system health which helps your body fight sickness and asthma attacks better.

Drinking good water also keeps you hydrated which eliminates some of the key conditions that make a person susceptible to asthma.

In the case of an asthma attack, warm water has been known to help alleviate symptoms by diluting mucus secretions and easing irritation in the throat and airways.

If you have asthma or allergies, drinking good water is essential to improving your health and reducing your asthma symptoms.


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    • profile image

      dorotea dela cruz 2 years ago

      Drinking warm water lately when I got asthma felt better I almost took 2 liters.

    • profile image

      Andraste 3 years ago

      As a asthma suffer, I can tell you drinking a glass if water a day

      Can not aliviate asthma symptoms!

      Asthma is a form of lung disease that constricts the bronchial tubes, and makes breathing difficult..!

      It is not caused by dehydration at all!!

      Go here