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How EMF May Affect Health

Updated on March 11, 2015

I knew that EMF radiation has some effects on health (and that was why I sometimes avoid drying my hair at night). However, I previously believed that the effects were small enough that it is not something that I have to worry too much about. That is why I'm still not willing to give up my WiFi and smart phone.

But after hearing guest Dr. Jack Kruse talk about EMF on Beverly Meyer's On Diet and Health podcast, I have to re-think this and consider that EMF may have a greater effect on health than we think.

Dr. Jack Kruse gave some convincing arguments which made me pause to think. So I would encourage people to listen to the podcast in the link above. The explanation is quite technical. We works as a neurosurgeon by day.

Dr. Kruse also mention that one should perform own lab test to determine if in fact EMF is having effects. It is likely that EMF has greater effects on certain electro-sensitive individuals than other.

Some of the lab tests that he mentioned is the BUN-to-creatinine ratio which indicates the amount of dehydration. One of the effects of EMF is dehydration of the cells at the cellular level. Another test he mentioned was salivary melatonin.

What is EMF?

Electro-magnetic field is part of the electromagnetic spectrum of which visible light is a part. But the spectrum also includes radio waves, microwaves, x-ray, gamma-rays, etc. The difference is the frequency of the waves.

Whenever there is a current running through a wire, it will generate an electromagnetic field. Tablets, computers, cell phone, Wi-Fi, microwave ovens, cars, and nearly anything electric can generate EMF radiation.

Some surmise that certain chronic exposure to EMF waves of certain frequencies can induce an stress response at the cellular level and can be possible partial causes to inflammation, pregnenolone steal syndrome, and leptin resistance. EMF also dehydrates the cells and blocks the cells from sensing the natural magnetic fields of the earth.

As I have mentioned, Dr. Kruse talks about advanced complicated stuff. And I don't claim to understand it all. I might even be getting some of the details wrong.

Actions Speaks Louder than Words

But regardless of whether we understand the technical reasons or not, Dr. Kruse's actions can speak volumes as it shows that he really believes in this stuff.

For example, he moved to a location to live where there is low EMF. He has to get out of his house and drive a little to make a cellular phone call. For those who want to see how many cell phone towers is near their house, take a look at

He has an electrical kill switch to his bedroom so that he can turn off all electrical currents in the room. And he sleeps on a magnetic mattress. The magnetism helps mitigate the effects of EMF. And his water source is high quality water sourced from a well.

He also go rid of fancy cars that generated too much EMF. He says microwave oven can be a troubling source of EMF. While others don't think it is too big of a concern.

Dr. Jack Kruse is also a bio-hacker so he tested the effects on himself. He was also guest on the Dave Asprey podcast of the catchy episode title "How to Live Longer than Most People" where he talks more about EMF (Dave Asprey is a bio-hacker himself).

Dr. Kruse says there are three main ingredients for life: photo-electric effect, water, and magnetism. If you want to learn more about what Dr. Kruse thinks, read his book Epi-paleo Rx: The Prescription for Disease Reversal and Optimal Health and browse his site and forum at

What you can do to lower EMF from laptops has some stuff to reduce the EMF of your laptop. Also use an external wired keyboard (and so that you do not touch the laptop). You can rent or buy an EMF meter from to test your home or office.

EMF engineer in below video shows how you can ground your laptop...

Others who believe the harmful effects of EMF

Dr. Jack Kruse is not the only one who believes that EMF have a negative effect on health. There are many others. Below video is Alasdair Phillips talking about EMF ...

Radiation from Cell Phones

Devra Davis talks a lot about the hazards of cell phone radiation in her book Disconnect. The EMF radiation from cell phones may weaken the blood brain barrier.

The brain is more sensitive to EMF radiation. That makes pointing a cell phone or a hair dryer to the head that much more troubling. The good thing is the EMF radiation drops with distance. Just stepping out of the room or away from a microwave several feet while it is running may be a good enough safety measure.

EMF affect blood sugar

This may not be true of everyone. But for electro-sensitive individuals, EMF can temporarily affect blood sugar.

As reported by NaturalNews, it writes ...

"EMF-emitting devices or environments produced negative metabolic changes that were evident within minutes, yet began to resolve just as quickly once the individual entered an electromagnetically clean environment."

And you can find cases of such blood sugar rises mentioned elsewhere in the internet.

EMF, leaky gut, and blood brain barrier

Jack Kruse writes article saying that EMF causes leaky gut and leaky blood brain barrier. He writes of a study that is particular revealing where experimenter...

"exposed the rats brains to pulsed EMF in the range one would find in most cellphones and technology today and he found that the rat’s brain’s turned blue from the dye because the EMF made the BBB permeable at quite low doses."

Prior to the EMF pulse, the blue dye got everywhere in the mice except for the brain due to the brain's protective blood brain barrier.

He writes that anyone with Multiple Sclerosis should be particular careful about EMFs.

While you may not think EMF is a big effect since you don't feel it yourself. And perhaps, it is true that EMF may not have a big effect for you. However, there are some people that are more sensitive to EMF and does have a big effect.

In the book The Autism Revolution, it talks about a person who ...

"experienced discomfort around electromagnetic frequency exposure, and she and her doctor felt that the most toxic part of her current environment was electromagnetic radiation from the computers around her at work."

The person uses an negative ion generator and office chair with magnets, otherwise she finds it impossible to work.

Dr. Jack Kruse believes strongly about the effects of EMF and he talks about magnetic beds in this video.


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