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How Effective are Treatments for Cancer?

Updated on March 20, 2013

Does Chemo do more harm than good

This is a question I have been asking since May 2012 when I started taking Sutent (the chemo pill), the very first day I took it I felt its strong and persuasive grip, I felt like I started doing heavy narcotics I was dizzy,tired and just plain out of it . They certainly could save some paper and tell you the 5 things that may never happen while taking this drug the list of side effects is so long.

I have had numerous issues while taking it and I have to ask is it worth all the hassle? this is a very tough question to answer because the facts are not as clear as they may appear to be and there are too many parties in the mix with a vested financial interest.

I know its may be tough for my support team of family,friends and co workers to fully understand, taking this drug is seems to be more of a curse than cure some days.

The test's I have had show it seems to be keeping my tumors in check my concern is the damage it is doing otherwise.

I have been researching chemo for awhile now and I have yet to find anything positive posted anywhere. The problem with the drug is can not tell friend from foe,skin cells,digestive system cells etc appear the same to the drug so as you can guess this leads to some long reaching permanent problems.

Numbers do not lie

Recently I started looking into the fatality and success rate of chemo therapy,well I was shocked to learn that over 95% of patients given chemo do not live more than five years! how is this medicine? I am truly having trouble understanding how these pharmaceutical company executives can sleep at night knowing how much damage their products have already caused to people lives.

I can tell you first hand taking chemo with out a doubt sucks, the worst thing you can say to a friend or loved one is "I know what your going through" honestly you do not and hopefully you never will.

The most shocking detail I learned is our wonderful government specifically the AMA considers any patient lasting more than five years past the intial date they were diagnosed fully cured! that's outrageous and insulting how dare these people, just because your lucky enough to survive does not mean your cured.

I really wonder what has happened to our medical system in this country, what kind of twisted and self centered person can actually believe a policy like this.

Natural cures
Natural cures

Do natural cures exist?

Now here's a question that seems to turn doctor on doctor,I have read all kinds of claims of natural cures for cancer. The one thing I feel confident is true simply is that big business has a lot to lose if cheap cure is found, I found a video on you tube from a European doctor who stated in the United States cancer research,treatments, drugs ect are worth over 220 billion dollars a year I really do not see people giving up this kind of money.

You are what you eat

Diet seems to play a role in how aggressive any cancer becomes, our bodies have a Ph level and the more acidic we become the easier it is for any disease to get the upper hand. Virtually every fruit and veggie has a powerful natural benefit so no matter what you like there is is a certain natural cure attached.

The biggest weapon in your arsenal is Drinking lots of spring water this can help your body flush out all the toxins and junk we intake from our food every day. Water is really the easiest and most effective food option, you can feel the difference when you have had enough water joints work better, no headaches, more energy and the list goes on!

I have spent a good amount of timing chasing leads on natural cures and I have seen mention of Black cumin seed,baking soda,Honey and various vitamins ect. the jury is out it's tough to tell the real cures from the scams.

The best idea I can offer is try some supplements and see how you feel,there are plenty of good products on the market that can help heart health,immune system and heart health.

You are in control

The final decision on anything is of course yours,do not let doctors bully you into something you do not want to do.I ask plenty of questions and even inquire about the odds of success when I am presented with a new treatment plan.

Modern doctors are not trained to cure illness just to treat the symptoms and in many cases cover up the problem with drugs. Doctors has one of the highest suicide rates of any professional group,This says something about our health care system. I believe there are many doctors who want to do more and can't because its against policy or something on that idea.

My experience has been a lot of hospitals have a standard protocol and they do not treat the individual but the symptoms instead.It's a numbers game for maximum amount of patients in the shortest amount of time for each I know this sounds hard core but every one is making money off sick people.

Really how many times have you felt rushed out of an appointment? had to wait because they over booked? or were treated like a number. I have finally found a hospital where this doe not happen and what a difference it has made.

Your the boss

I have been offered some treatment ideas that seemed way to risky for little to no benefit, this has been the catalyst for my questioning of how effective cancer treatments really are.

The fact of the matter is doctors have few to no options for curing cancer so some of what they have to offer can actually make things worse with out any gain,radiation is by far one of the worst options I have seen it leaves the patient looking like a burn victim on the inside. We are talking about our own bodies so we are the boss, just some food for thought.

The tried and true things I have found that work are:

*lots of water

*Positive attitude


*Organic vegetables/fruits


*Plenty of sleep

This is a simple list how ever trust me I can tell when I stray my body lets me know,the water one is huge our bodies need a lot more water than we usually give them.

Fun fact: We have been dehydrated for hours by the time we feel thirsty.

You are the final judge of what works and which treatments will be best follow your gut and listen to your closet advisers,some times it may seem like our friends and family are being a pain in the neck,just remember it's because they care about us.

The hardest lesson for me has been trying to listen to my body and understanding the warnings it has given me. I can be a stubborn person and this has cost me sometimes so all I can offer here is listen and react accordingly .

Fruits and veggies
Fruits and veggies

Some food for thought

When selecting fruits and veggies try to purchase "organic" versions these will not have the heavy chemical bath the "normal" ones endure. There are some worse than other the general rule is if its grown on the ground it probably has more chemical used on it.

The stores are filled with food options for you to try,I would proceed with caution since marketing people make the packages not doctors. I have seen food package worded so at a quick glance it looked healthy and priced well,closer inspection revealed things were not what they seemed.

Some things I have seen clever companies do to fool the casual shopper are:

*Give calories,sugar ect for 1 serving since and the package contains 3 or 4 servings

*Use the 100% natural on the front of the package and litter the ingredient list with the famous

Character ( *) to indicate there are exceptions.

I am not saying every company does this you just need to stop and take the time to actually read the label and not skim the it. Good luck!

Some fun trivia

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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Please, read about many effective methods of treating cancer here: cancertutor(.)com

      Contact this clinic in Houston: burzynskiclinic(.)com

      Watch a documentary is about this doctor being persecuted by the FDA because he cured cancer not with chemo or radiation.

      Your best bet is to go to Germany, Israel or Spain to one of the private clinics. My friend did 18 years ago with stage 4 throat cancer and he has been fine since. If you need more info, addresses & contact info - let me know.

      Get "Cancer Confidential" book by MD Keith Scott-Mumby

      He describes at least 25 different methods of curing cancer with high success rate - all illegal in the USA (because they are cheap)

      Invest into Bob Becks cancer /HIV curing equipment - it works and you can still buy it from a Canadian company or on ebay.

    • sdstone1972 profile imageAUTHOR

      Scott Stone 

      6 years ago from Massachusetts,USA

      Sorry to hear about your parents,thanks for your feed back.

      I have started looking into the enzyme serrapeptase and I plan on asking my doctor about it next visit.

      Good luck with publishing your own hubs.

    • PeggyLynn profile image

      Peggy Lynn 

      6 years ago from USA

      I just joined Hubpages and haven't done my own hub yet. My parents both had cancer, and I have study natural ways. Your hub addresses very real concerns and you give good advice. May I suggest looking into the enzyme serrapeptase? It could make a huge difference for you!

    • healthylife2 profile image

      Healthy Life 

      6 years ago from Connecticut, USA

      It's amazing how much changing our diet and reducing exposure helps and that part is in our control. I did choose to do chemotherapy based upon my research and wrote a hub about that and rebuilding my immune system but no decision is an easy one. You have some good advice and that simple list addresses the key points. You are in my thoughts!


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