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How Fight Hunger Cravings For Good!

Updated on September 24, 2009

Get your hand out of that cookie jar for good!

More results, less excuses!

Are you sick and tired of diets hat just don't work? Do you think that you will never break the habit of going to the fridge at 12 midnight? Or do you just simply love food and can't stop eating once you start? If you answer yes to any of these questions then congrats! You came to the right page! Do you want to know a plan to stop over eating and forget about hunger cravings? Then Keep on reading.

Before you reach for the nearest bag of chips, think to yourself, why am I eating? Is it because I'm stressed? Am I bored? Or do I simply want food in my stomach. If you eat at lets say 2 PM. You watch TV for an hour then at 3:15 you feel hungry! Chances are you are not hungry. You are bored. This is called boredom hunger. 83% of all americans have this. If you feel boredom hungry coming on try this, jog in place for a 1 min. Then Try 20 jumping jacks. Always think in your mind you don't need food to feel satisfied.  

Do you constantly have a sweet tooth? Well you're not alone. You're just like me. If you have a sweet tooth and you want to get the tub of ice cream in the back of your freezer and take the biggest spoon and pig out then STOP RIGHT THERE!!! I've caught you red handed! You will just throw off your whole day. Try this, get a stick of celery and about 3 tablespoons of peanut butter. Or get 1/4 cup of chocolate syrup. The celery itself is only 15 calories and the peanut butter is an extra 30 calories and the chocolate syrup is only 45 calories! Just dip the celery in the chocolate or peanut butter and enjoy! The celery will naturally fill you up and the peanut butter and chocolate syrup will curb your sweet tooth!  

Remember, eat 5 small meal a day not 3 big meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) EAt a small breakfast of a whole grain cereal, then a small morning snack of an apple or any fruit, a lunch with a source of protein (meat), a small afternoon snack, then dinner with all food groups (if possible). Also remember, don't be afraid to snack! Just snack healthy. It will curb your hunger much more longer and you can loose your desired weight faster. You can have 1 cheat day but don't over indulge. Then you will throw you diet off and get back into the same habits again. If you have no snack around and you're hungry, occupy yourself. Listen to music, clean your house, wash the dog, or rearrange your closet that you've been meaning to do for 3 months. The more busy you are the less you think about hunger. 

These are just tips I can give to you. The rest is up to you! Whether you have the will power to do it or not. Remember, you CAN do it! Try hard and the first week will always be the hardest but afterwards you will get used to the foods and the feelings of ignoring your boredom hunger.

Goodluck and happy dieting and loosing weight!

Teenalee Hashimoto, Before 157lbs (march 2009); After 124lbs (august 2009)


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    • profile image

      Corinne 7 years ago

      I really like the idea to run in place for 1 minute and then do 20 jumping jacks - thanks for the tips. It's really hard to change eating habits.