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How Gynecomastia Effected My Life

Updated on May 2, 2015

Gynecomastia is a very horrible disease. It will not majorly affect you physically, but it will affect you very much mentally. Gynecomastia, the disease that enlarges man's breasts occurs commonly among adolescences. For me, I don't know if it was puberty or the constant drinking of soy milk. I don't know if soy milk causes gynecomastia as when I was researching in the internet, I heard in one site that it causes gynecomastia and in another it says it help remove it. When soy milk became my favorite beverage, that's when my nipples began to grow bigger. It actually happened before my puberty started. When I was a child, I obviously didn't put much thought about my problem. At the time when I was 13, I began to realize that people surrounding began to whisper to each other about me. I still remember the time when I was buying a drink, the employees thought I didn't hear them. They said to each other "Look at the boy standing over there, he has boobs" and then they laughed. My self-esteem was really hurt. My parents saw that I was going crazy about my problem, they didn't knew what gynecomastia is, so they took me to a doctor. The doctor knew about my disease and recommended my parents to allow me to have surgery. After thinking about it, my parents forced me into having a surgery. I knew it would be expensive, but they said they would gladly give up their own life for me. When I say parents, I mean my mother. My father was only a regular ambulance driver, but my mother has her own shop.

Other Possible Remedies

You could try loosing some weight. I heard that it might work for some people. Drinking a glass of turmeric would also help you get rid off gynecomastia. Good luck in drinking with the smell. Always search for reviews of a product before buying it as there are many fake gynecomastia treatment products. You could also try this method to decrease your enlargement. Apply lotion to your chest area and wrap it up using a saran(plastic) wrap. Keep the wrap overnight. Use this method before sleeping. I also heard that Eurycoma longifolia(Tongkat Ali) could also help get rid of gynecomastia, but also increases your sex drive. This might not be recommended for adolescences. Take in pills. After scouring the internet for a long time and not been able to find a suitable treatment, you'll just have to have surgery. Please find a good surgeon, mine's did a horrible job removing my breast tissue.

Post-Surgery Conditions

When drowsiness wore off, I was in so much pain that my teeth could have ripped my flesh. My heart rate also decreased due to healing and lower oxygen concetration. My chest was very swollen after having my surgery. It looked like the surgery didn't have a huge impact. Though I could clearly see that my nipples gone from sphere to a flat surface. The swollen chest actually made me look muscular. It also hurt very badly, but that's a small price to pay for your pride. After a month of healing, my chest has gone to it's regular size. Although there is still a little tissue in my chest, my nipples have become regular. To increase the speed of healing, you could wear a chest compressor.

After surgery

I was happy with the results. When I wear my t-shirt now, I look normal. I can't thank my parents enough for this. Again when I say parents, I mean my mother. For all people from america, if you're thinking of having surgery for gynecomastia, the fees would be much more lower in Asian countries, including the traveling fees. You could spend some time sightseeing and at the same time have your surgery.

Did You Know

That some men who have gynecomastia not only developed breast tissue, but also mammary glands. This mean that they were able to produce milk and unlike females, they could generate milk anytime they want. I hope that this didn't happen to you. Remember that sometimes, gynecomastia could disappear on it's own for adolescences when they reach adulthood. Sometimes waiting isn't a good option as it might affect the teenage boy's mentality. At any age, I would recommend that you find a suitable treatment asap. Hope this article helped you, thank you for reading and have a nice day.

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